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Color: Black
Size: Medium

A neutral color palette. Beautiful natural fibers. Timeless design. These baskets truly are the best of purposeful modern décor. We’ve updated a classic belly basket with hand-fashioned tassels to create functional yet stylish storage.


Material: 100%  Natural Fibers

Country: Each basket is hand-woven by a group of amazing women in Hanoi, Vietnam, and represents hours of work and generations of artistic heritage. 

Product Dimensions:
Available in size Medium (12"x12"), Large (16"x16"), or a set of 1 Medium + 1 Large.

Shipping: 3-5 days
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About Product

Trend 2022

Tasseled belly baskets are all the rage in 2022. These stylish and practical baskets are perfect for carrying around your essentials, and they come in various colours and styles to suit any outfit. The trend started in 2021 and showed no signs of slowing down.

Tasseled Belly Basket

Tasseled belly baskets are a type of storage basket that is typically used to store fruit or vegetables. These baskets are usually made of wicker or straw and have a tasseled edge. Belly baskets are a good option for storage because they are breathable and allow air to circulate the contents. This prevents the contents from rotting or becoming mouldy.


Tasseled belly baskets are made of 100 natural fibres. The fibres are dyed in various colours and then beaded or sequined to create a beautiful design. The basket is then sewn together with a colourful thread. Tasseled belly baskets make great gifts for friends and family.


The design of tasseled belly baskets varies depending on the culture and region where they are made. In some cultures, the baskets are decorated with symbols that have meaning to the people who use them. In other cultures, the baskets may be plain or have simple designs. No matter the design, tasseled belly baskets are beautiful and functional art pieces. These are often used by nomadic peoples, as they are easy to transport and easily packed up and carried when necessary.


Tasseled belly baskets are hand-woven by a group of amazing women in Hanoi, Vietnam. The process begins with the women collecting reeds from the local river. They then soak the reeds in water for several days, which makes them pliable enough to weave. The next step is to fashion the reeds into a basket shape. This is done by weaving them together using a special technique that the women have passed down through generations. Once the basket is complete, it is decorated with tassels made from yarn.

Benefits of Tasseled Belly Basket

There are many benefits to having a tasseled belly basket:

  1. They are very stylish and can add a touch of class to any room.
  2. Tassels make it easy to carry the basket around.
  3. Tassels can help protect the contents of the basket from dirt and dust.

Caring Instructions

When caring for a tasseled belly basket, it is essential to avoid getting the material wet or exposing it to direct sunlight for extended periods. Additionally, the tassels on the belly basket can become tangled and may need to be untangled occasionally.


The tasseled belly basket is a very versatile and practical type of basket. You can use it for carrying food, as well as other items. It is also commonly used for decoration and as a symbol of status. Tasselled belly baskets have declined recently, but many people still use them.

Asked Questions
  1.  What is the size of tasseled belly basket? Tasseled belly baskets come in two sizes: medium and large. The medium size is 12"x12", and the large size is 16"x16". Both sizes are made from natural materials. The baskets are handwoven and have tassels on the sides.

  2. What is the material used to make it? Tasseled belly baskets are made from 100 natural fibres and are popular for home decoration.