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Due to COVID-19 your order may take longer to reach you, however you can still enjoy free shipping & TAX Free.
Due to COVID-19 your order may take longer to reach you, however you can still enjoy free shipping & TAX Free.

Get inspired by shopping our carefully curated selection of beautiful and intentionally designed pieces that hold their own over time.

Top Collections

Evangeline & HYGGE CAVE

In every Evangeline piece We hope that I've captured a bit of the wild, the resilience, and the warmth of Maine with simple materials woven to be used daily

Verve Culture & HYGGE CAVE

Keeping artisan crafts alive. As the world moves towards mass production, artisan crafts die. Join us in sustaining artisan traditions for future generations.


Melrose International got its start in 1985 as Melrose Gardens. Our small, Quincy, Illinois based company cultivated and dried local flowers and then sold them to area florists. Offering quality products and superb customer service, we found success quickly in our small niche. But one bad crop year in the early 1990s forced our company’s original owners to branch out into other areas of dried florals and complement that with a silk floral line. Ever mindful of the market, our executives soon brought on a new group of investors and together explored a promising new opportunity—giftware and home décor. Remaining steadfast to our commitment to great customer service, by 2002 Melrose was again on top of its industry, becoming a key player in the home décor and giftware industry. That year we dropped “Gardens” from our name and re-branded as Melrose International.


Help create a kinder World !

Help create a kinder World !

Why we should support nonprofit organizations?

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in building healthy communities by providing critical services that contribute to economic stability and mobility. They also strengthen communities in other important ways. Frequently, nonprofit leaders are the voice of the people they serve.

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Zoned Hemp Oil Pillows

This brand continues to impress the world with their eco-luxe products and approachability. It’s not everyday you stumble across stores like this.

"Got my very fast. Looks beautiful, used for camomile infusion - it's fun steeping your own teas and I have a much better choice of niche loose leaf teas. No more tea bags!"

Larisa J.

Brands We Love That Are Making a Comeback. HYGGE CAVE one of the best comeback within E-commerce industry after COVID-19.

"We LOVE HYGGE glasses! The design is beautiful, but what's even better, it brews the best cup of tea. The infusion is perfect! We use ours every day! Thank You!"

Bridget S.

Sometimes you’re looking for an oak side table and sometimes you want a good home décor that doesn’t cost a million dollars with the great quality. This is the place we go.


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