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$215.00 - $285.00
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Color: Simple Bright White
Size: Twin

Soft yet rugged. The perfect weight for any climate. A good reason to stay in bed a bit longer. Pre-Washed / Pre-Shrunk.


A Simple Blanket is a versatile item that you can use in various ways. It can be used as a bedspread or a throw blanket. The quality of the Simple Blanket is what makes it so versatile. The simple design is made with high-quality materials that are soft to the touch and durable.

Material: 100% Cotton. Machine Wash Cold / Delicate Dry.

Country: Woven in Maine.

Product Dimensions:

Twin: 66” x 96”
Full/Queen: 90” x 96”
King: 108” x 96”

Shipping: 5-9 days
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About Product

Trend 2022

As we head into 2022, it's clear that the trend of Simple Blanket is here to stay. This cosy and comfortable way to keep warm is perfect for those cold winter nights. While there are many different styles and designs of Simple Blankets, the one thing that remains constant is their quality. Made with only the finest materials, Simple Blanket will keep you snug and stylish for years to come.

Simple Blanket

Simple Blanket is made with soft cotton material. This makes them comfortable and durable, meaning you can enjoy your Blanket for years. Additionally, the brand takes extra care in crafting each Blanket. Every detail is accounted for, from the hand-tied knots to the double-stitched seams.


A Simple Blanket is made of 100% cotton. It is a light, breathable fabric that is perfect for summer weather or layering in colder months.


The Simple Blanket is designed to be a versatile and affordable option for those needing a reliable cotton blanket. The simple design features clean lines and a subtle stitch pattern, making it perfect for any home decor style. Choose from various colours to find the ideal match for your space. The Simple Blanket is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable and stylish option.


The women of Maine have been weaving simple blankets for centuries. The blankets are made from hand-spun wool and dyed with natural dyes. The women use a backstrap loom to weave the blanket, which takes about two weeks to complete.

Benefits of Simple Blanket

A simple blanket can offer many benefits. It can provide comfort and warmth on a cold night, make a couch or bed more inviting, and provide a bit of privacy when needed.

A simple blanket can also be used as decoration. Hang a colourful blanket on a wall or drape it over furniture to add visual interest to a room. Or use it as a theme, like the nautical or patriotic decor.

Finally, a simple blanket can be a reminder of home. If you're away from home and feeling homesick, wrap yourself in a familiar blanket for some comfort.

Caring Instructions

If you want to keep the Simple Blanket in good condition, machine washes it in cold water on a delicate cycle. You may also want to use a mild detergent. Use the delicate cycle on your dryer to dry your blanket or air dry it. If you need to iron your Simple Blanket, do so on the lowest setting.


A simple blanket can be used as decoration in your home. You can drape it over a chair. It adds colour and texture to your decor. Also, you can use it to keep you warm. If you are cold, you can wrap yourself in a blanket. This will help you stay warm and comfortable.

Asked Questions
  1. What is the measurement of a Simple Blanket? The most common sizes for simple blankets are twin, full queen, and king. Twin blankets are typically 66 inches by 96 inches, while full queen blankets are 90 inches by 96 inches. King blankets are the most significant size at 108 inches by 96 inches.

  2. How to wash Simple Blankets? Machine washing your blankets is the best way to keep them clean and fresh. The key is to use cold water and the delicate cycle. You can also add a mild detergent designed for delicates. Be sure to avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as these can damage the fibres in your blanket.