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Multi Color Zirconia Bracelets

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Original price $45.00
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Color: Red

The Multi Color Zirconia Bracelet is a chic accessory that effortlessly showcases your individuality and elegance. Adorned with multicolored zirconia stones, each measuring 3mm in diameter, the bracelet introduces a refined touch and vibrant color accents.

Carefully selected and meticulously set, each zirconia stone contributes to an even and beautiful distribution of colors across the bracelet. These precious stones seamlessly blend style and quality, making the bracelet a perfect choice for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Crafted from stainless steel and plated with gold, the bracelet boasts exceptional durability and resistance to damage. This ensures you can relish your jewelry for many years, maintaining its original appearance and radiant shine.

The multicolored zirconia bracelet stands as a versatile accessory suitable for various fashion styles and events. With its bright and vivid stone colors, it infuses charm and elegance into your outfit, effortlessly capturing attention and winning hearts.

Made in the USA