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Color: Pearl

Feathery texture. Elegant design. Refined color palate. A cherished sweater reincarnated. Dry Clean Only. 

Material: 62% Mohair / 35% Wool / 3% Nylon

Country: Woven in the United Kingdom.

Product Dimensions: 54"x 72"

Shipping: 5-9 days
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About Product

The perfect throw

Our collection is created for those who are looking for a perfect rug, because it's always nice to come home in the evening, curl up in a warm rug, take a cup of tea, read a book or daydream about something.

In our collection you can find a throw for every taste. The main thing is that you should like it. A throw is created not only to keep you warm, it should please your eyes, give you a pleasant feeling, it can easily become a beautiful addition to the interior of your apartment or house. A rug thrown over a chair or a bed adds charm to the interior and provides you with warmth and comfort on quiet evenings at home.

The United Kingdom is a country with high quality products

As we all know, things made of wool in the United Kingdom have always fallen down and are still famous for their high quality products.

The United Kingdom has not changed the technology of wool manufacture since the 18th century. The process consists of several stages. The wool is mixed, fluffed, plucked into fibres, combed, shaped into felt, rolled, washed and, finally, dyed, to make a soft, pleasant to the touch throw.

Mohair is a symbol of wealth

Many people probably remember the days when British mohair scarves were a fashion accessory, such soft, fluffy bedspreads and throws were generally considered a symbol of prosperity. Nowadays the choice of wool and mohair plaids is really great - at very different prices and production, but good old British products are still warming not only the body but also the soul!

Angora wool

Mohair is a yarn made from the wool of Angora goats. This material was popular centuries ago, and today a mohair scarf is considered an indispensable accessory in every woman's closet.

Mohair is considered one of the luxury fibers, such as, for example, cashmere, silk or angora rabbit wool. It is valued for its resistance to wear, durability and lightness, as well as higher thermal insulation properties compared to other types of wool. At the same time, mohair is good at absorbing and retaining moisture and finds its application in the production of summer clothes. In addition, mohair is very flexible, and products made of it retain their shape well. And, of course, one of the key advantages of Angora goat's wool is that due to its structure it does not roll or prick.

What are the advantages of mohair over other materials?

Mohair is a very high quality material, it is characterized by such features:

- softness, because unlike threads made of other types of wool, mohair does not prickle and does not irritate the skin;

- lightness - products made of mohair are always very light, that gives to products from this material a peculiar lightness;

- warmth - mohair is considered the warmest among woolen materials;

- durability - mohair yarns though seemingly thin, but have good durability, a mohair scarf is not so easy to tear unlike scarves made of synthetic or other woolen materials;

- hypoallergenic - mohair is considered one of the few materials that never causes allergies even in people who are predisposed to this disease;

- demi-seasonability - mohair scarves can be worn not only during the cold season, because this material does not cause a steaming effect. They can become excellent accessories even in quite warm weather, it will not be hot.

How to wear and with what to combine

A throw woven from mohair yarn is a great accessory both in winter weather while watching your favorite movie with hot cocoa, and in summer evenings, sitting in a gazebo with cozy conversations.

It can be used as an element of different clothes: it perfectly combines both with winter clothes and blouses, dresses and other clothes of different seasons. A special place should be given to our thin plaid, which can be used as a scarf, they are considered to be demi-seasonal and serve not only to make your life warmer, but also perfectly complement any style of clothing.

Throw Care

Manufacturers recommend dry cleaning of these products, but they can be washed by hand in case of acute need. 

Asked Questions


  1. Is it 100% mohair? Throw materials are: 62% mohair, 35% wool, 3% nylon.
  1. Where is it woven? The mohair throw is woven in the United Kingdom.
  1. What is the size of the throw? Measures of the throw: 54”x 72”
  1. Can I wash the throw? Dry-clean only.