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Original price $300.00 - Original price $2,256.00
Original price
$300.00 - $2,256.00
Current price $570.00
Color: Single position

Introducing the "Caterpillar" modern sofa – a sleek and contemporary seating solution that effortlessly combines style with comfort. Its streamlined design, featuring clean lines and a low-profile silhouette, creates a chic focal point for any living space. Upholstered in premium materials, the "Caterpillar" sofa offers not only a sophisticated aesthetic but also a plush, inviting feel. With its modular design, this sofa adapts to various room layouts, providing both flexibility and a modern flair to your home. Upgrade your living experience with the sophisticated allure of the "Caterpillar" modern sofa.

Style: Ming and Qing Classical

Shipping: 22-26 days
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