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Birth Stone Pendant Necklace

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Original price $45.00
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Design: Garnet

The Birthstone Pendant Necklace embodies a harmonious fusion of sophistication and individual flair. Fashioned from stainless steel and adorned with a lavish 18K gold plating, these enchanting crystal necklaces with pendants make an ideal choice for commemorating significant milestones like anniversaries, engagements, weddings, and other cherished occasions. Each necklace is graced with vivid and vibrant zircon crystals, meticulously selected to correspond to specific birth months, thereby infusing a distinctive personal touch. Allow the hue of the zircon to resonate with your birth month, whether as a self-indulgent treat or a thoughtful gesture for your loved ones, offering a radiant accessory that serves as a perpetual reminder of life's memorable moments.

Made in the USA