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Sophisticated and refined. Modern monotone colorways. Silky soft 'hand'. Our most luxurious collection yet. Hypoallergenic. Dry Clean Only. 


How nice on a chilly evening wrapped in a delicate alpaca wool throw, comfortably settle down with a cup of tea in an armchair. And, finally, get those wonderful feelings of comfort and homeliness, which are so often lacking in the daily hustle and bustle. No one, of course, will not deny that such pleasant feelings arise when we are enveloped in warmth and a wonderful state of peace.

Material: 100% Baby Alpaca (Peruvian Andes, Alpaca Wool).

Country: Woven in the United Kingdom.

Product Dimensions: 52"x 79".

Shipping: 5-9 days
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About Product

The uniqueness of the alpaca throw

Given such natural needs, people, even at the dawn of mankind, sought to create soft and warm types of clothing and throws. The main source necessary for the manufacture of such things, for a long time, was considered only sheep's wool. But in fact, centuries ago, people living in the United Kingdom, discovered the delightful qualities of wool of an animal from the family of camel hair - alpaca. Today, plaids and blankets made of alpaca wool are known and popular all over the world. What caused such interest in this kind of material? Why, despite its high price, the demand for it not only does not fall, and continues to grow rapidly? What makes alpaca wool so special?

Elasticity and durability

Alpaca wool is very warm because its fiber has small microscopic air bubbles that warm and cool the animal depending on the time of day. This ability to insulate allows the textile to have elasticity and durability.

What features does alpaca wool have?

- Any wool is much warmer than cotton fabric, silk or polyester fiber. But alpaca wool is more delicate and lighter than sheep wool. It is spun into thinner yarns. But despite this, it is also considered more durable (three times).

- Unlike sheep's wool, this wool does not prick, does not roll and does not pile up.  That is why alpaca wool throws are so soft, soft and fluffy. Thin alpaca wool fibers can absorb moisture up to 30% of its weight. At the same time, you will not feel any moisture and discomfort.

- It is important to note that this wool is practically not chemically treated, as the structure of the fiber is very sensitive. Therefore, all the colors remain natural. There are about 20 shades of alpaca wool in nature. In this range, experts create a variety of color compositions.

The benefits of baby alpaca wool:

When choosing which wool to buy a blanket or plaid from, consider not only the price of the product. Note that alpaca wool, unlike sheep's wool, has a number of advantages:

- Alpaca yarn is unusually smooth, slightly silky. Its softness and tenderness, are very pleasant when in contact with the skin.

- It does not contain lanolin (animal wax). Thanks to this, it does not attract dust and micro-particles of different origin. This is especially true for people who are prone to allergic reactions.

- Alpaca wool is not liked by dust mites.

- The fiber is seven times warmer than conventional wool, despite its lightness.

- It preserves the microclimate, creating a surprisingly comfortable feeling, literally enveloping the human body with natural warmth.

- Blankets and plaids made of alpaca wool, if used correctly, can be used for decades. They will not lose their quality characteristics and allow you to have fun at any time of the year.

Unusual gift

Are you still in doubt whether to buy an alpaca wool blanket or plaid? Those who have already made this purchase will undoubtedly confirm that such high quality products really are up to their purpose. A soft and gentle blanket will be a perfect gift for your favorite woman, and not only! It will give coziness and comfort in a soft chair by the fireplace, keep warm with its warmth during a trip to nature, will fit perfectly into a quiet interior of the bedroom. For you, a wide range of products made of this magical alpaca wool!

Asked Questions
  1. How to wash such throw? Follow the instructions below to ensure that your alpaca throw becomes a cherished family heirloom:
    • Overall, alpaca throws need little care. Alpaca fibers wick away moisture & do not absorb odor or dust, making them resistant to becoming soiled
    • When the need to clean your alpaca throw does arise, it is recommended to handwash your throw with gentle, non-abrasive soap, or even baby shampoo
    • After washing, place your throw on a flat surface to dry.
    • Never use a dryer, as heat will cause your alpaca throw to shrink
  1. How long does shipping take? Depending on your region, an average of 5 to 9 days.
  1. What is the throw size? The measures of the throw are:  52"x 79”