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Precio original $14.63
Precio original $14.63 - Precio original $59.33
Precio original $14.63
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$13.00 - $35.00
Precio actual $14.00
Option: A - 225ml

Premium wooden bowls. Made from real acacia wood with high quality handcrafted finish, which is heat resistant and more durable than bamboo bowls. These bowls in different sizes and handmade are perfect for mixing salad, fruit, rice, pasta, soup, cereal, snacks or nuts. They can also serve as decorative wooden utensils on your dining table. Our wood comes from sustainable sources. Wooden stacking bowls are not only renewable and eco-friendly, but also very fashionable and high quality.

This small set of wooden bowls is the perfect choice of premium gift set for Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Birthday, and especially for housewarming gifts for your loved ones, and more.

Simply wash your wooden bowls and spoons with warm water, scrub gently with mild soap and a soft sponge, and air dry naturally. Avoid microwave, dishwasher and direct sunlight to prevent warping and discoloration.

Material: Wood

Shipping: 8-11 days
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