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The combination of two seemingly different styles in the interior - boho and Scandinavian minimalism - today is one of the popular options for design. It combines bright emotionally colored ethnic motifs with the rigor and restraint of Nordic style, creating a unique atmosphere. In this article, we will analyze in detail the features of such a design and tell you how to create an interior in the Scandinavian boho style.

Scandinavian boho characteristic features:

In this mix, as well as in traditional boho is present furniture with scuffs, different textiles with bright textures: macramé, tapestries, murals with flowers, vintage decor. In modern variations, you can use bold colors in geometric shapes in combination with organic materials such as wicker baskets or rattan chairs.

What remains from the Scandinavian style is minimalism, comfortable furniture and the desire for unity with nature. Neutral and cold palette of walls emphasizes natural materials: wooden flooring and decor, geometric patterns, plastered walls. In addition, plants are a great addition when creating a space inspired by Nordic aesthetics.

Choose the right color palette

Whites and neutral colors are, as we said, the foundation of the Scandinavian theme. Bright shades such as indigo, blue, pinkish-brown, green belong to bohemian, and because of brightness and drama serve as an accent. For interior design, traditionally make the walls neutral: white or gray, and the intense tones are transferred to the furniture and decor

Put the right furniture

Scandinavian boho style combines furniture trends that combine functionality and some airiness.

Sofas and armchairs in rich colors or with a floral print.
Objects made of wood and glass - shelves, chests of drawers or cabinets with glass doors.
Small tables made of glass, metal or plastic (kitchen countertops, pedestals, bookcases).
Chairs of various shapes and textures: wood, rattan, fabric, metal or their combination.
Beds with an unusual headboard.
Scandi style is characterized by simplicity and functionality, so the interior uses mostly natural materials of natural colors: birch, spruce, pine.

Add vintage items

You can use real vintage furniture and décor as well as intentionally aged items. For example, in scandi, patinated furniture is often used. And from boho you can add antique picture and photo frames, mirrors, retro lamps and lamps to the interior.

Use natural materials

Boho is characterized by the eclecticism of different shapes and textures. Bamboo, leather, beads, metal, natural stone, rattan, dried flowers and feathers are especially favored by lovers of this style. In general, bohemian style is focused on natural materials and handmade designer products. All of this goes well with the idea of scandi - the use of organic and eco-friendly items.

Decorate the room with plants

Boho scandi interior suggests decor in the form of plants.

Here are some popular options:

Ficus is a small tree-like plant that can look especially elegant thanks to its large, beautifully shaped leaves.
Senpolia or violets are beautiful small plants with flowers in various shades of purple, white and pink.
Kentia palm (Hovea Forsteria) is another large plant with a gorgeous crown that is perfect for large rooms.
Succulents are compact and unpretentious plants, in different shapes and shades. They can be grown in glass vases, creating an unusual composition from them.

Complete the design with wicker decorations

Be sure to add wicker accessories: macramé, mats, large storage baskets, egg chairs, decorative wall hangings. Vases and baskets can also be used.

Select textiles

One of the most important elements of the scandi boho style is textiles of natural materials: from linen cotton or wool.

Interior in Scandinavian boho will suit fans of minimalism, naturalness and eclecticism. The room will be characterized by a combination of coziness, warmth and comfort with elements of luxury. All this is achieved thanks to the complementary characteristics of the two styles. Try different combinations of elements, do not be afraid of experiments and then you will definitely manage to achieve the right mood!



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