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The eye is one of the most mysterious signs in human history - it was painted in the tombs of pharaohs, used in world religions and today is worn as a talisman.

Who invented such jewelry?

Accessories with the image of the human eye were very popular among ancient peoples. The first such amulet, found on excavations, refers to the era of the Ottoman Empire and dates back to 3300 BC. It is believed that at that time the image of the eye on jewelry and clothing served the owner of a powerful protection from evil forces and bad people.

A little later symbolism with the eye became widespread in ancient Egypt. The famous Eye of Horus received its name in honor of the Egyptian god and his left falcon's eye. The inhabitants of ancient Egypt believed that this symbol not only gave the owner wisdom and shielded him from troubles, but also gave hope to resurrect after mummification. That is why it was necessarily present in the tombs of pharaohs.

What are some talismans with this symbol?

In recent years, jewelry with this symbol appears more and more often in designer collections and fashion shows. Many choose such products as a spectacular accessory and do not know its true purpose. Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Therefore, its influence on a person depends on who the eye belongs to.

Nazar, or the Eye of Fatima. This amulet of round shape is usually made of blue glass or enamel. In the center, a symbolic black pupil is depicted, surrounded by white. Usually such an amulet is used as protection against the evil eye. According to Islamic legend, the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed Fatima gave her fiancé such a piece of blue glass, which helped him to return from a long journey alive. The jewelry is especially popular in Turkey. Although similar pieces were also found among the artifacts of the ancient Slavs and Greeks. It is believed that its appearance has its roots in the Turkic peoples.

Hamsa, or Palm with an eye. Middle Eastern protective amulet in the form of an open palm with five fingers is familiar to many. On the Muslim version of the symbol, which embodies the family of the prophet, there is an image of an eye.It is believed that Hamsa is a universal symbol for protection, including in Judaism. Wear the amulet in such a way that the palm of the hand is necessarily directed downward. People believe that this is how the amulet gains its power.

Cat's eye stone. But not only the image of the human eye is considered a strong amulet. The stone called "cat's eye" has similar properties. Since antiquity, it has been a faithful companion of magicians and sorcerers. According to ancient legends, the mineral is able to protect the owner from any bad charms. In addition, it brings good luck and helps indecisive people to act more courageously.

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