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In ancient times, people first of all paid attention to the meaning of the jewelry and only in the second - on its decorative appeal. Nowadays, we juggle these meaningful emblems like toys, and even the symbol of the cross itself is no longer so serious to us when we see how easily and effortlessly this religious sign is handled by designer brands. Nevertheless, there is probably a long and fascinating story behind every single symbol you wear on a bracelet or on a chain as a pendant. Would you like to know its details? For today's little historical research, we've taken the symbol of the eye.

One of the most famous depictions of the eye in jewelry art dates back to ancient Egypt. The Eye of Horus, also called the All-Seeing Eye, is an ancient Egyptian amulet. It is the personification of God's eye, the All-Seeing Eye.

Egyptians depicted it as an eye with a spiral-shaped line enclosed in a triangle. This line - a symbol of life, continuous movement in nature, a symbol of energy. The eyebrow, edging the Egyptian eye, denotes power. The triangle denotes endless divine energy and the Holy Trinity.

The eye was often depicted on Egyptian tombstones to help the dead in the afterlife, and it also often appeared on the bows of boats so that the boats would reach their homes.

In antiquity, the Romans gave eye symbols in jewelry the meaning of amulets. The most popular were gold and silver beads with images of human eyes. This is how the Romans tried to protect themselves from the evil eye.

A huge surge of interest in jewelry with the image of eyes appeared in the late 18th - early 19th century. Then brooches, bracelets, pendants "eyes of lovers" with the drawn eye of a loved one appeared. The face in these images was difficult to guess, so the secret of lovers was kept from outsiders.

Today, however, jewelers most often come up with jewelry inspired not by specific eyes, but by a generalized image. Just eyes are incredibly beautiful. Like a mirror of the soul.

You can find such jewelry on the Lunar Vines website.

"Eye pendant necklaces are a stunning fusion of stainless steel and exquisite gold plating, making them the perfect jewelry accessory for both children and adults. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these eye pendant necklaces boast a unisex design, ensuring they suit the diverse tastes of men and women alike. The protective symbolism of the eye pendant adds a unique touch, making it a meaningful and stylish addition to any outfit".

The sign of evil eye, or evil eye, as a talisman was used in ancient times as a symbol in Portugal, Albania, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Nepal and two dozen other countries. Such different cultures and religions were united in one belief: the eye protects its owner or mistress from negative energy and is the most powerful barrier against the evil eye. Both then and now, the magic of symbols is enhanced by the presence of precious or semi-precious stones with their own meaning.If you too are looking for protection from someone's bad influence, then call this powerful symbol with a long history to your side.


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