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Nothing beats the soothing sensation of a refreshing shower after a long day, and with this Pale Pink Modern Striped Crinkle Shower Curtain, you can turn that experience into a spa-like experience. The soothing pale pink base with slightly darker-toned horizontal striped silhouettes lends a touch of modern simplicity and freshness to any space for a calming vibe, making it an ideal accent for any bathroom arrangement. Made of polyester fibers in a crinkle fashion for added texture while being super durable to last long and easily washable by hand and machine. This curtain will not only add more privacy to your bathroom space and keep splashes off the floor, but also be a decorative accent to your shower area. Meant to be a fashionable and functional piece of decor, this minimalistic shower curtain will evoke an airy ambiance with a sense of luxury in your modern bathroom space.

Product Dimensions: 70” x 72”

Shipping: 3-5 days
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