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Color: Mushroom/Natural

Rustic and simple weave. Quiet earthy tones. This throw has substantial weight without being bulky. One side Linen and the other side Merino Lambswool.

Material: 50% Linen, 50% Merino Lambswool.

Country: Woven in Ireland.

Product Dimensions:
Dry Clean Only. Measures 57"x 78"

Shipping: 5-9 days
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About Product

Reversible throw

The unique combination of merino lambswool and linen gives the throw a unique luxury and lightness. The roughness of the linen and the softness of the wool embodies the history of Hygge Cave. In contrast to pure wool, linen yarn does not stretch at all, it is more durable and hardwearing. Due to its durability, wool and linen fabric is well suited for interior applications.

Natural fabrics

Of the advantages, the following should be noted:

- natural wool has healing qualities: it helps with colds, joint diseases and circulatory system;

- holds well the heat;

- absorbs moisture, wicks it away from the body;

- wool is well cleaned dry, so it does not require frequent washing.


Flax is a hygroscopic material. Under it, you can not sweat, get overheated, feel discomfort even in the heat. The main feature of linen blankets is their pleasant coolness and ability to keep warm during cold weather. In summer, under the natural plaid will not be hot!

Advantages of linen and merino lambs wool throws

In addition, it is worth noting other advantages of linen and merino lambs wool products:

- resistance to contamination - such plaids will have to be washed less often, and it will be much easier to remove contamination than with cotton;

- durability – they are resistant to washing, perfectly retains shape and texture;

- Antibacterial - healing properties of linen have been known for a long time, the fibers woven into the rug fully preserve them.

Why should you buy our blanket?

There are several reasons. It will decorate your bedroom, making it cozy. The throw may well replace not only the blanket, but also serve as a decor for chairs, sofas, beds, and even decorate any person as a supplement to the image as a scarf. Under the linen and merino lambs wool blanket it is pleasant to sleep - the tactile sensations are difficult to convey with words, they must be felt.

Complete your home with safe textile Things!

An undoubted advantage of our products, including blankets, is their hypoallergenic properties. Such blankets can be given to children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with allergies.

Good and useful linen and merino wool are excellent choices for filling your home with natural, safe textile things. These plaids, contrary to popular belief, are not difficult to care for.

Caring for our plaid

Caring for our throws is another constant question among connoisseurs of these elegant materials.

The main secret - handwashing at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees. In extreme cases, you can use the mode of delicate washing, but it is necessary to put your rug in a special bag. Our plaids can be dried on a horizontal surface. Also store in the closet only in a folded form, no hangers or clothespins.

Asked Questions
  1. What country was this plaid made in? The country of manufacture is Ireland
  1. Is it handmade? Of course, our throws are hand embroidered by artisans with natural fabrics.
  1. Does it fit for a baby? The throw is totally safe for children and hypoallergenic.