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This stylish and ergonomic automatic soap dispenser will provide comfortable hand care.

Hand hygiene is the foundation of health for all family members. The dispenser is simple and easy to use, even for small children it will not be difficult to master the principle of its operation: just reach out your hand and the dispenser will automatically dispense the required amount of detergent in the form of airy foam with a delicate pleasant aroma.

Please note, battery and soap are not included.

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About Product

Stylish design

The automatic dispenser is made in an elegant minimalist design and will organically fit into the interior of the bathroom with any stylistic decision. The translucent plastic base allows you to control the level of detergent and replenish stocks in time.

The top of the dispenser is made of durable white plastic with an elegant dispenser spout. The case is decorated with a logo that is illuminated in white during operation.

The dispenser capacity is 320 ml. It is easy to remove and reattach when replenishing detergent supplies. Soap consumption is very economical - one bottle is enough for 400 applications.

What is the uniqueness?

One of the most common problems with hand hygiene is the need to touch the parts of the dispenser in order to get the right amount of soap. Often this turns out to be extremely inconvenient, especially if the hands are dirty with something. Thanks to the contactless dispenser of this automatic dispenser, you will forget about this problem forever. The lather, which is produced from the device's microscopic mesh holes, gently wraps around the skin, cleansing it more thoroughly than conventional bar or liquid soap. Due to the porous structure of the foam, the consumption of the product is more economical, and the cleaning efficiency is higher.

Technical properties

A miniature electric motor is located in the body of the automatic dispenser. It works almost silently and is very economical in energy consumption. Four AA batteries will last for six months.