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Original price $468.00 - Original price $852.00
Original price
$468.00 - $852.00
Current price $468.00
Lampshade Color: Gray
Body Color: Small

Minimalist, with curved and light forms, this lamp traps light under a blown and tinted glass globe, all supported by a light metal structure. If you want to change your room style in seconds, this contemporary floor lamp will make an instant update.

 The lights come in three sizes: 

Small D10.2" x H17.7"
Medium D14.6" x H29.5"
Large D17.7" x H55.1"


Shipping: 8-18 days
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About Product

An easy way to brighten up the darker spaces of your home

Nordic glass floor lamp offer an easy way to brighten up the darker spaces of your home without the need for mounting. Floor lamps are perfectly simple solutions for brightening up your home, and they can easily be moved around when you want to change things up.

Art object

Among the great variety of designer lamps, especially stand out the light art objects Hygge Cave. These unique models are handmade by experienced craftsmen and designers. Today, Hygge Cave lighting fixtures are the real standard of sculptural lighting with clean, concise lines. The peculiarity of designer luminaires for home by Hygge Cave is their functionality and versatility. They are perfect for a small cramped room or a spacious living room, bringing more space and comfort to the environment, immediately becoming the centerpiece that draws the eye.

What is a loft?

The interior of a modern room must have the appropriate lighting. All the stylizations of design used today, such as minimalism, high-tech and others, should be distinguished by an ultra-modern direction, to include interior elements that are able to emphasize a particular image as much as possible.

Loft has become incredibly popular in the last few years. City studio apartments are increasingly being furnished in this style, with furniture and accessories suitable for this industrial decoration.

However, the style itself appeared about 70 years ago in the United States. The population in large cities was growing, there was not enough housing for all citizens. In order not to be on the street, people began to convert the former warehouses, factories, workshops for homes. Thus appeared style loft - industrial-industrial interior for residential apartments. What used to be considered the destiny of the poor, is now considered a sign of good taste, many city dwellers are trying to arrange their house in accordance with the requirements of loft.

LED floor lamps

Using LED light bulbs for your lamps is becoming increasingly popular. This rise in popularity is not only due to their incredible longevity and energy efficiency, but also because they are much more flexible when it comes to warmth and intensity of the light.

The Nordic glass floor lamp - a flexible lighting solution

Floor lamps are versatile pieces of furniture that are great for lifting the atmosphere for both smaller rooms and larger, more open spaces. It is easy to place them wherever you want, and they take up minimal space. If you tire of the look of your living room, a floor lamp can easily be moved around to change the feel of the space.

Floor lamps as decoration

Floor lamps are not just flexible furniture pieces that provide functional lighting. A floor lamp of beautiful design can serve as a great statement piece for your living room or perhaps the master bedroom. The elegant design along with the atmospheric lighting the floor lamp provides can drastically change an entire space.

Put Nordic floor lamp anywhere

Floor lamps are not exclusively meant for the living room. You can of course put them wherever you would like. Put one in the bedroom, either as a replacement for bedside lamps or in addition to them. Put a floor lamp in the office. Save space on your desk by using it as your desk lamp, or just use it to brighten up the room in general. Wherever you need lighting or decoration, you can put a floor lamp.

Universal gift

An interior Nordic glass lamp is a luxurious gift for a woman or a man. If you do not know how to surprise your loved one, you will be saved by Nordic floor glass lamp. The lamp will fit perfectly in the bedroom decor, as a decoration of the living room, as a night light for the cottage. It will create additional cozy light and beautifully stand on the bedside table in the bedroom.

Asked Questions
  1. Can a nightlight work while charging? Yes, our Nordic glass floor lamp works smoothly while charging.
  1. What are the dimensions of the lamp? The dimensions of our night light are:
  • Small: D10.2" x H17.7"
  • Medium: D14.6" x H29.5"
  • Large: D17.7" x H55.1"
  1. How many days does ship take? It depends on your region, from 8 to 18 days.