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Style: Moon
Color: Light Wooden

The Levimoon: this detailed moon globe is an adjustable lamp that levitates! Charged through wireless induction via the base, the moon floats above the Earth while illuminated from the inside to reveal the major features of the lunar surface, and will rotate when given a slight push. This kind of levitation uses a control system with an adjustable electromagnet in a feedback loop with Hall effect sensors, which allows for fine-tuning of the magnetic field to exactly balance the pull of gravity. 


Do you like to look at the moon? Now you can do it in any weather from the comfort of your home. We present a 3D night light in the form of the moon, which will decorate the interior of any bedroom.

Voltage: 220V
Wattage: 6-10W

Product Dimensions:
13.4 x 13.4 x 2.8 cm

Shipping: 8-18 days
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About Product

Explore our planet's natural satellite with the live moon

Despite the moon's proximity to the earth, only space satellites have been able to see its back side. Until that moment we had to be content with only maps and globes drawn by specialists, but with the appearance of the levitating desk lamp live moon to study the natural satellite of our planet will be much more interesting both in the daytime and at night.

The gadget is made with all the nuances of the landscape and hovers over a wooden stand, adding mystery to the original lamp. Not only familiar to the human eye craters, valleys and "seas", but also the unknown back part of the moon surface, which is not visible from Earth, can be seen by curious people.

All about the lamp

The design model was developed by the Hygge Cave team. UHD images of the lunar surface taken by NASA satellites were used as the basis. Visualization of our lamp is fully consistent with both the landscape of the moon and its natural glow due to precisely matched shades of the light module.

Each lamp undergoes a 42+ hour 3D printing process.

The live moon has its own rechargeable battery, so you can take the lamp with you even without a stand. A full charge is enough for 10 hours of luminescence. The gadget is offered in four versions of planets: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon.

What is it?

A levitating lamp, or hovering lamp, is essentially a light bulb that is not in direct contact with its base, which is the lamp. In a normal light fixture, this bulb would be screwed in - to provide a steady glow. In a levitating lamp, its attraction is provided by magnets. But this attraction is not permanent, because when approaching a certain distance to the lamp, the bulb is not attracted, but hangs on it.


- Incredibly beautiful!

- Adjustable light intensity.

- The material is nice.

- Real visual effect of a real moon

- Very decorative - looks great even without light.

- Available in various sizes.

- Shockproof

- Vibration resistant

- Energy efficient

- Flicker-free light

- Safe for eyes

- 1 meter USB cable

Stylish design

The design of the lamp combines plastic and wooden elements.  This allows the night light to look stylish even in daylight, combining minimalism with interesting decor.

Control your nightlight remotely

Turn your 3D night light on or off and adjust the brightness - all with the included remote.

Create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom

At night, the soft glow of the Nightlight will smoothly diffuse in your bedroom and create a cozy, romantic atmosphere.

Great autonomy

Built-in battery power gives you up to 10 hours of uninterrupted light output.

Perfect gift

Made of PLA with a wooden stand, this moon lamp makes the perfect gift for any occasion. This gift will be to everyone's liking, children and adults alike, everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

Asked Questions
  1. Can a nightlight work while charging? Yes, our LiveMoon Nightlight works smoothly while charging.
  1. What are the dimensions of the night light? The dimensions of our night light are 13.4x13.4x2.8 cm.
  1. What is the power of the nightlight? The Wattage is 6-10W