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Color: Azure & Sand

The Camden Collection pairs azure blue with bold dotted blocks of complementing color. These versatile artisan-made pieces can be used as bath towels, lightweight shawls and accent throws. Each is hand-woven in Ethiopia using time-honored weaving traditions and AZO-free dyes. Hand-spun Ethiopian cotton adds a uniquely rich texture that will continue to soften and become more absorbent with each wash/dry.


The Camden Collection has striking dotted blocks of colour that complement the azure blue seen throughout the collection. Depending on the situation, these multifunctional items that artists handcraft can be worn as lightweight shawls used as bath towels or used as decorative blankets. Each one is woven by hand in Ethiopia, utilizing traditions dating back centuries, along with dyes devoid of azo chemicals. Cotton from Ethiopia that has been hand-spun offers a very rich texture and, with each cycle of washing and drying, will continue to grow softer and more absorbent.

Material: 100% Cotton

Country: Ethiopia

Product Dimensions:
Machine wash & dry. Measures 38"x 72"

Shipping: 3-5 days
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About Product

Travel Companion

I used the towel as a makeshift blanket while flying over the Pacific Ocean because the temperature inside the aeroplane was relatively low. Because we had such a long stopover, we discovered that it was also helpful to use it as a makeshift pillow at that time.

Beach Essential

I brought the towel with me everywhere I went, including to the beach, to the café, and on the hike, we went on... I wrapped myself in it like a towel, wore it like a sarong, and used it as a blanket for a little picnic that we went on. During our journey down the Waimea Canyon Trail, having lunch close to Waipio Falls was an important part of the experience, and the hike would not have been the same without it.

Despite its small weight, it is a durable material.

The CAMDEN COTTON BATH TOWEL comes from a long and illustrious weaving tradition passed down from generation to generation. They have reached the pinnacle of success in mixing luxury, durability, and understatement. Because their bath towels are so absorbent and quick to dry, they are an excellent choice for air drying. If you simply toss it over a nearby palm tree, it will be ready to use in no time.