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Vincent van Gogh



The canvases of Vincent van Gogh are sharp and unrestrained, as the artist himself was sometimes. His painting frightened his contemporaries, as someone who says something unintelligible frightens. During his short life, Van Gogh could sell only a few paintings. He was in despair. However, he did not stop working hard and developing his style. Today he is one of the most popular and most kidnapped artists in the world.
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Van Gogh is a methodical and serious painter. This may be puzzling to some because of the popular myth that he was an obsessive and deranged person who mindlessly applied paint to canvas. However, Van Gogh was well versed in the materials and tools for painting, knew how to use them, and thoroughly thought out his compositions. He was an extremely goal-oriented person.

He was an extremely goal-oriented person - HYGGE CAVE

A cursory glance at Van Gogh's paintings and drawings is enough to notice a gradual transition from the anatomically accurate works of the early period to the more eccentric works of his mature years. This slow but tangible development of style and technique makes Van Gogh so compelling to study. However, many artists continue to use his favorite techniques, such as impasto and drawing from memory.


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