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designer night lamp


Creating creative lighting fixtures is a popular art trend.
Spaincave lamp - an indispensable assistant of the owners in any home. Such sculptures are used in the bedroom, children's room, bathroom, kitchen - everywhere you need a source of soft, diffused light, especially at night.

decor night lamp for your interior

Function and application
Despite its modest size and dim light, the Sigil egg is virtually indispensable in any home.
There's no need to turn on the main light when you need to reach the kitchen or bathroom in the middle of the night - our designer night light will let you walk safely all the way without tripping over something in the dark.

Health and pleasure for your eyes
A nightlight is a true "friend" of night-reading enthusiasts, needleworkers, and those who work on the computer at night. The sharp contrast between a dark room and a bright monitor can quickly ruin vision, so doctors recommend additional lighting. Quality LED nightlight does not flicker, which also helps maintain the health of your eyes, besides the uniqueness of its shape and design will delight anyone.

romantic night lamp for the perfect date

Your child's best friend
In the nursery, this device protects babies from fear of darkness, as well as allowing moms to change or feed a very small child, not irritating him in the middle of the night bright light chandelier. LED night light is not heated, so it's safe for the baby, if he suddenly decides to play with it.

Interior Design
Another important function of the night light is decorative. The Spaincave lamp decorates the room even when it is turned off. It can also work as a kind of "projector", showing on the walls and ceiling a pleasant diffused light and color spots, so that such a device can be used even in the design of the holidays (if they are held in a small room).

led nightlight is the best gift

Benefits of LED nightlights
Sigil egg has a number of useful advantages compared to other counterparts:
1. Fire safety - it practically does not heat up, and even if paper or cloth gets on top of the light, it will not cause an accidental fire.
2. Economical - minimal power consumption allows you to use the device all night, not worrying about electricity bills, even in places where it is quite expensive.
3. Long life - if all the conditions of operation are met, such a night light is able to work 50 thousand hours or more.
4. The presence of additional functions - adjusting the brightness of the light, motion sensor, the ability to change the color of the light, etc.
5. Easy to install and operate.

The perfect date with Spaincave lamp
Give yourself and your partner a romantic date with a Spaincave lamp. For example, the orange color of the lamp has a stimulating effect on us, white soothes and encourages a responsible attitude, blue relaxes, and purple activates the spiritual energies and enhances imagination and fantasy. Which color and effect you want is up to you.

visual sunset light for home

Questions/ answers:
1. What material is the night light made of?
- It is made of K9 Crystal + Metal
2. What is it power?
- USB 5V / 2.5W
3. What is it illumination?
- Core energy-efficient led

Did you know that an ordinary table lamp can change the interior of a room? No, it would be more accurate to say so: an unusual table lamp spaincave is able to change the boring and ordinary interior of the room. Yes, just one designer accent table lamp brings color, attracts attention, emphasizes your personality and becomes a central figure in interior decoration.


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