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Beach towel for vacation


There are things we pay a lot of attention to, know and love: a going out dress, a favorite piece of jewelry, adored comfortable shoes, and many other very different items. But there are things that we usually don't pay much attention to, and they in turn make our lives comfortable and fresh, serving us every day. Therefore, the choice of small things should be treated with the same care as the more important, at first glance, purchases.
One of these things, accompanying us in the house, and in guests, and travels, and at work, are invariably towels. They come in a variety of shapes and materials, but they all serve the convenience and practicality, as well as the comfort of our lives.

PATRIOTIC PESTEMAL BEACH TOWEL- a bright addition to your vacation! - HYGGE CAVE

Summer vacation
During summer vacation almost no one can do without a beach towel. They take it with them to the pool, the sea or the river. Used as a mat for sunbathing, they wipe the body after bathing and wrap cold babies. Towels for the beach are light and soft, have a bright design and convenient size.

The right material
Speaking about the constant use of towels in everyday life, the question of their quality and practical properties begs to be asked. Choosing the right material is the key to comfortable and long-lasting use of the product.

Advantages of our towels
The main qualities that our beach towels have are the following:
- High moisture absorption;
- Soft structure of a fabric;
- durability of paints;
- Easy care.

Safety of the beach towel
In order for the beach towel to fully perform its functions, you need to buy certified high quality products. We guarantee that some of the dye from the towel will not remain on your delicate skin after contact with salty sea water, that our beach towels will not burn or rub off on the pebbles, even after prolonged use.
Choose the right beach towel in our Hygge Cave store and take it with you on your vacation. It will do its job perfectly and even after a while its bright appearance will remind you of the sea, the warm sun and your vacation.

Cotton beach towel for swimming

Secrets of care for a cotton beach towel
The 100% cotton content in a terry towel, or other textile hygiene item, will be your signal that immediately after purchase the item should definitely be washed. This is to preserve the softness and fluffiness, the natural elasticity of the towel and extend its life. In the future, terry towels can be washed both by hand and in the machine. Although there are a few "taboos" for machine washing, too. Terry towels are great at absorbing moisture, so - never wash them using water-saving mode. Plus, they can not be wrung out on high speed (the maximum limit is 800). Also. To avoid pulling the hinges, do not fill the drum of the machine more than 2/3 full. Detergent, ideal for terry - a delicate, with the addition of silicone (this substance will not only help save, but also several times the ability of tissue to absorb water).

Soft Cotton bath towel as a gift

1. Where is this towel made?
- The country of manufacture is Turkey.
2. Is it exactly cotton?
- Our beach towel is made entirely of natural cotton.
3. What are the dimensions of the towel?
- The length is 65", width 36".

stripped beach towel



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