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Hey! Want to decorate your room with a cool-looking lamp that'll last you forever? Maybe you want a gift idea for someone important in your life. Well, look no further than our Muffin Glass Lamp. It's unique, durable, and comes packed with beauty and glamour.
If you are looking for a unique table lamp, this is the perfect choice. Compared to most floors or bedside lamps, the retro muffin glass lamp will give your room a specific feeling and decoration. However, it's not hard to get it and assemble it.


Since its debut in the market, the timeless Muffins collection has come to represent an extraordinary lighting experience. It is now a symbol of the Brokis brand.
The sublimity of the design is evident in its deft juxtaposition of delicate glass panels and solid wood.
The lights, which feature a billowing glass shade set in a handcrafted wood base and adorned with an exposed filament bulb, breathe new life into any space while evoking feelings of festivity.
The collection offers multiple options in shape, size, and color. The materials used include glass and wood.
The glassware is made according to the company's centuries-old tradition of crafting handblown items. The result is a distinctive, enduring character and outstanding quality of glass.
Blowing molten glass into a mold to create shade is only one of many steps in producing handmade glass. The resulting quality of each product depends mainly on this stage since it accounts for about 70% of total production costs.
The woodworker's attention to detail is evident in crafting every wooden element. As with any handcraft, each piece goes through a series of production stages that follow strict guidelines.
We work hard to select the finest materials and treat them with care.


Glass size
The glass comes in two different dimensions: long, medium, and short version of the glass.

They can also come in different colors depending on your preferences. The colors can vary from transparent, amber, and smoke grey, smoke brown, opaline, triplex opal, cognac, and violet.

The base
The base of this lamp is made from solid-quality wood. The wood is either flat on the bottom for the table lamp or is fitted specifically for the muffin glass roof lamp. The wood comes in different sizes from small, medium, and large. The larger version goes with the tall muffin glass.


Muffins are a series of lamps that combines European Oak and glass to create an irresistible combination. The generously waxed oak base supports a bulbous glass shade, which has been gorgeously molded into the form of delicious muffins.
It was inspired by the delicious French pastries available in Parisian boulangeries.
The table is available in six different glass colors, with an American walnut base or a European Oak tinted white/unstained option.
The Muffin collection includes three basic variants, floor, ceiling, and table lamps, which can be fitted with wooden lamp bodies and different glass shades in subtle tones of grey, brown, or yellow.


Glass shade: Amber, smoke grey, smoke brown, cognac, transparent, violet transparent, triplex opal, opaline
Wood base: European oak untreated, European oak tinted black, European oak natural waxed, European oak tinted white

Size: 20.9" W x 19.9" H
Dimmer: No
Bulbs Included: Yes
Materials: Glass, Metal, Wood
Cord Length: 87.4" inches
Wattage: 6 watts
Light Color: 2200k
Luminous: Flux350 lumens
Glass: Glossy
Socket: E26


Is the muffin glass lamp durable?
- Yes, the muffin glass is fitted with a very stable base, ensuring that it does not slip and fall. The gall is also pretty strong to endure accidental falls.
Can I use the lamp for studying?
- Yes, the lamp has different glass color ranges including a transparent one which is very favorable for reading.
Can I get my money if I am not satisfied with the lamp?
- Yes, we have a refund policy that we follow which includes returning the lamp as it was when you received it, however, you will incur the shipping costs.
Can the lamp be controlled via a smartphone?
- No, currently the lamps available cannot be controlled by either Alexa or Google Assistant.


Muffin Glass Lamps are very popular and can be used in a variety of ways. They are great for lighting up a tabletop or desk, but they can also be used as nightlights or even as bathroom lights. The glass lampshade is surrounded by a metal frame that has been polished to give it an antique look. It comes with a bulb socket that allows you to use any type of light bulb you want, although we recommend using either incandescent or LED bulbs instead of CFLs because they have longer life spans and do not emit as much heat as CFLs do.

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