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Wise people and philosophers have long hinted that the meaning of life is to create love. Love can give inner peace, confidence and supreme pleasure. When a man loves, he is happy. Then he is joyful, cheerful, can light a fire in any heart, will elevate a neighbor or a friend. And can inspire a loved one or others with a lot of creative strength and energy. Love is a life-giving force that can inspire, it has a lot of warmth and tenderness. Happiness is to love and be loved, to have a family, to raise children, to live in harmony with the natural world.

Based on this thought, Lunar Vines brand created the collection "Love and Harmony", which amazed us with its incredible content! The jewelry included in this collection will allow you to attract love into your life, keep your focus on inner peace and give you that missing creative power.

Life puts us in different conditions, sometimes a person shows aggression in difficult or unforeseen situations to protect himself or his loved ones. Sometimes it is impossible to do otherwise, a person saves someone or someone's life depends on his behavior in extreme conditions. There are many such examples in movies and literature.

In simple life situations it is more important to learn to control your anger and transform it in favor of peace of mind, it requires self-control and the ability to maintain inner calm. Not only classes with a psychologist, but also our spiritual jewelry can help with this. They are very stylish, which will allow you to always look your best! But besides that they are endowed with meaning, faith and magic. Believe me, these beauties will penetrate your heart and make you keep your focus on love.

The power of crystals has long been used to find peace and harmony in relationships. They can help with energy healing, protection from negativity, manifesting goals or desires and much more. With the right crystal you can accomplish many goals such as attracting love. These crystals can be used on their own or combined with other crystals for a more powerful effect.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz has a beautiful pink hue and represents unconditional love. It has a calming vibration. The stone radiates the spirit of love and romance, whether it is used in the form of jewelry or simply stored in a bag as a nugget. But of course, wearing fine jewelry is much more enjoyable and spectacular.
Rose quartz is even used in love spells to attract a soulmate or simply to heal one's heart. It has a very calming energy that will help you deal with difficult emotions more easily and heal old wounds.

Pink tourmaline has a positive energy that will help bring love and romance into your life or repair any existing relationships. It has protective properties, so it's a smart choice if you're looking for protection from emotional turmoil.
Loyalty and devotion are qualities that the stone enhances in family and romantic relationships. Pink tourmaline helps bring hope and joy even in difficult, crisis times for relationships. If you don't believe true love exists, this crystal will convince you that you are deluded)

Moonstone brings tranquility, which can help you enjoy your relationship with another person even more. Moonstone crystals balance emotions.
Moonstone teaches us how to be in touch with our intuition, which is important when it comes to making decisions in any relationship, romantic or otherwise. Wearing moonstone jewelry around your neck will balance the energies, relieving stress and thought tension.

Garnet is a very powerful red stone known for its energies of protection and love. It carries the energies of passion, activity and drive that are necessary to create a good relationship with your partner. It also helps us understand other people better because of its ability to push us to look at a situation from different perspectives.
Pomegranate also encourages fidelity in relationships. Wearing garnet will remind us what is valuable in life and why relationships are important, as the stone focuses our attention on true love.


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