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Kinfolk is perceived not just as aesthetics, but as a way of life - measured, calm and without hurry. In the rooms corresponding to the direction, an atmosphere of calmness, naturalness and warmth is created. Thanks to these qualities, the style is still of interest to designers and owners of houses and apartments.

Today we will consider how kinfolk can be realized in your interior, what characteristic features it has, and why the direction is worth considering as a design option.

Over the past few years, kinfolk has changed a bit since its inception. Now the direction, along with traditional solutions, has become a mix of minimalist styles with a cinematic aesthetic. The new combination reflects a desire to create an atmosphere that evokes the warmth of home in a modern setting and opportunity.

Kinfolk style traits:

1. Minimalism. To create a sense of order, you should avoid clutter and use less furniture and objects.

2. Neutral color palettes. Characteristic colors are light shades of white, beige, gray and earthy colors. Unlike Scandinavian boho, in kinfolk you will not find an abundance of bright colors even in the decor.

3. Natural materials are an integral part. Wood, stone, metal, glass and other bases.

4. Details that give a cozy feel to the space. Kinfolk emphasizes on creating a welcoming tranquil atmosphere. Textiles in the form of curtains, rugs, and plaids help with this.

5. Plants are a way to create a connection with nature.Green decor is usually displayed in discreet pots or baskets.

6. Vintage elements and handmade items are not only related to the idea of ecological use of resources, but also gives a special charm. Antique furniture, handmade ceramics and other unique items are often used in the interior.

For your space, you can choose:

- Parquet floors in light to medium tones of oak or maple. The planks are usually unfinished or coated with a natural varnish, which gives a slightly rough look.
- Natural stone or concrete.
- Tile in neutral colors.

Kinfolk style usually uses furniture of simple shapes without excessive decoration. If upholstered, then with a monochrome upholstery, cabinet - with a bright wood texture. Retro items will look very well, for example, dressers on long legs, small coffee tables.

One of the important characteristic materials can be called wood. Furniture, flooring materials made of real wood cuttings, ceiling beams and other decorative elements that showcase the beauty of the natural material are used for decoration.

The next important material is linen and cotton. Textiles can be added to the room in the form of curtains, furniture upholstery, plaids, pillowcases, rugs. Knitted items are popular. Such details give texture, pleasant tactility and the very coziness that is characteristic of the idea of style.

Plants add freshness and are associated with a connection to nature. You can put absolutely any greenery that will fit in with the overall look and take root in this place. Agree that wilting leaves will not beautify any space.

For decor in the interior kinfolk are selected simple discreet ornaments. It can be stripes, triangles, squares or dots. Against the background of a restrained environment and a delicate color scheme, they add dynamism. Especially welcome are handmade products in the ethno style. Motifs reflecting folk traditions can add uniqueness and special charm.

Patterns with plant motifs such as leaves, flowers or tree branches are possible. They can be presented on textiles or decorative elements such as wall murals, paintings.

It is important to note that the kinfolk style emphasizes simplicity and naturalness, so geometric decor is moderate and restrained in terms of complexity and color scheme. Such decorations fit organically into the overall look and do not draw all the attention to themselves.

Kinfolk in a sense is not an interior design style, but a way of life and attitude. The direction seeks to establish harmony with nature and return to simplicity in everything. The rooms create a space where you can relax, be inspired and enjoy the beauty of the world around you. Whether you choose to conform fully or partially to this style, kinfolk can give a space a unique and special charm.


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