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Balloon. The one that won't float away, allowing you to enjoy the lighting and charming presence any time. This is your perfect option if you want to add instant style and sophistication to any space.

Light up your home and your life with the Balloon Glass Table Lamp. With the latest technology and design, this beautiful glass table lamp will light up any room in your home with a simple touch of a button. Touch dimming control makes it easy to adjust to desired brightness while ensuring you never have to get up from your seat again. And with different options for charging according to different countries, you'll never need to worry about replacing batteries again!

What about this lamp?

These lights are an inspiration, embodying the rudimental forms of hot air balloons, captivating with their beauty. The large-format handblown glass and elegant metal reflector provide a timeless look that will stay in place for years to come!
The design's appeal lies in its use of two separate glass sections to create an illusion of oneness.
The collection's defining traits are lavish proportions and an elegant hand-pressed metal reflector.
The size of the largest shade is a technical feat that pushes the boundaries of glassblowing technology; this accomplishment reflects Bohemian glassmakers' exceptional skill and craftsmanship.
This is one of the most important collections in the Brokis line. The Balloons lights come in three sizes and make an outstanding sculptural statement when switched off during daylight hours.
The glass components that make up this screen are created separately and then assembled. A large mouth-blown piece of glass is combined with a hand-shaped, metallic reflector made from exquisite materials.

Product Overview

Balloon Table Lamp, by Hygge Cave, is based on the centuries-old tradition and experience of master glassmakers.
Hand-blown glass has a distinctive, enduring character that makes it superior to the alternatives.
The glass shades for each lamp are made from multiple layers of molten glass, which the master glassmaker examines carefully before blowing into a mold.
The stage of constructing and shaping the wood plays a major role in determining the final quality of each light. When it comes time to craft the wooden elements, no less attention to detail is paid.
Each piece goes through numerous stages of careful and systematic production.

Material & Finishes

The bulb is crafted from transparent glass and can be purchased in clear or smoke grey, brown, black-tinted, or ash finishes. The internal reflector, which alters the light's color temperature (the amount of blue versus yellow), can also be customized. Options include black, white(for a softer glow), lemon yellow, and reflective orange; copper with green undertones to emulate candlelight in spaces such as dining rooms/ open kitchens; and brass. It is also known for its ability to evoke feelings of warmth and luxury by reminding people of old-world charm.

Bulb Requirements

The miniature version comes with 1 x E14 - 4.7 W LED 2200K 400LM, dimmable with a hand-controlled dimmer.

Medium / Large version comes with 1 x E27 - 6W LED 2200K, 500LM dimmable with hand controlled dimmer.


  • Glass colors include
  • Transparent glass: transparent, cognac, smoke grey, smoke brown, aubergine, opaline, amber, violet, olive green, sunset pink
  • Opaline glass: triplex opal
  • Glossy surface
  • Body finishes include European oak: untreated, clear coat, natural waxed, stained black, and stained white.
  • American walnut: natural waxed
  • High gloss: cheeky raspberry, conservative grey
  • Marble: satinated grigio talami, satinated Rossio Francia
  • Cable color: black, white, dark grey, light grey, yellow, red
  • Cord length 89.8″
  • Indoor only
  • Energy class: This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes: A++ - E
  • Sustainability: made from at least 50% recycled materials

Balloon table lamp Details

  • Material: Metal / Glass
  • Light source: E27
  • Power: Max 60W
  • Illuminant1x LED-Bulb E27/6.5W - energy efficiency grade A++ - excl., (please order under "accessories")
  • Weight: 6kg / 13.2 lbs
  • Finishes: Smoke gray glass, Amber glass, Clear glass
  • Process: Mouth-blown glass
  • We provide 150cm / 59 ″ wires with switch plugs. Can be extended upon request

Balloon table lamp Size

  • Size:Dia 43 cm x H 60 cm/∅ 16.9″ x H 23.6″
  • Size:Dia 28 cm x H 40 cm/∅ 11″ x H 15.8″


EU Plug

AU Plug

UK Plug

US Plug


What is the standard height of a table lamp?

- The best way to determine the right size for a table lamp is by measuring from the bottom of the base to where you want it placed on your desk. This should be at least 30'' tall.

How do I choose a table lamp size?

- A good rule of thumb is to hang a table lamp so that its shade is at eye level when you're seated near it, or about 58”-64” inches off the floor.

Can balloon glass table lamps be used for studying?

- Yes, there are different color shades for this lamp. You can choose which is suitable for studying if you want to use them for that purpose.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the item?

- We are fully open to a refund if you receive an item that does not match what you ordered. However, a refund policy includes returning the product the same way you received it. We also offer an exchange if the item you received has any form of malfunction from the manufacturers.

Are the cords long enough?

Hello, Yes, the cords are long enough, from 118" to 197", allowing you to place your lamp in your desired spot.



While it might be essential to study the design of past art movements and artists, there's no need to limit your inspiration only to those sources. The classic design style of this table lamp is an excellent example of that. It takes a basic form and elevates it with subtle details like bold colors and simple lines that keep it from being overdone. This is where design gets its beauty from when something is so simple and clean that you can't help but be in awe of its beauty.


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