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They say "deck the halls," but decking your exterior is actually just as important as trimming your tree. Decorating your front door is a great way to welcome guests this holiday season and share your holiday joy with all of your neighbors. Even if you don't have a large porch to decorate, you can focus on just the front door to spread cheer.

Your front door's decor should speak to the rest of your home and feel as though it is part of the flow of your design. From modern farmhouse to simple and streamlined, your front door should speak to your personality and give your guests a taste of your interior style.

Whether you're into store-bought wreaths or you want to DIY something a little different this year, look no further. Here are some of the best ways to spruce up your front door this holiday.

01 Stick With Greenery

Sometimes the best design ideas are the simplest. You can DIY a fresh fragrant wreath using store-bought greenery or you can purchase a real one at your local florist or Christmas tree farm. Keep it simple and outfit your door in evergreens for that traditional Christmas look that works well with any exterior color scheme.

02 Opt for Asymmetry

Front door with black planters
While a full wreath is beautiful, we love an asymmetrical one to mix things up and give your front door a more modern look and feel. The base can be made of either twigs and sticks or you can repurpose a metal hoop for a more contemporary look. Pair with a simple entryway rug and voila.

03 Pick a Theme

Front door with red bows
Sometimes the best way to start decorating for the holidays is to pick a theme and run with it. This super festive front door is all about red bows and red poinsettias and it's a great way to add a load of color to your front porch.

While poinsettias can live a few months outdoors in warm climates, they won't tolerate cold weather so opt for faux if you want to add this festive flower to your front door in colder months.

04 Go Ice Skating

Red front door
While a wreath is by far the most common and traditional way to decorate a front door, consider thinking outside of the box this year. We love using a pair of vintage skates hung in the center of the door as decor. A rustic snowshoe and of course a few strands of garland really finish the look.

05 Keep it Traditional

Front door with wreath
There's nothing wrong with opting for the traditional Christmas decor we all know and love. If your exterior is ornate already, sometimes the best option is keeping your holiday decor simple. We love an oversized fresh wreath with a large bow or faux poinsettias to lend just enough holiday cheer without overwhelming the space.

06 Consider Mini Christmas Trees

Trees with lights on porch
Flank your front door with two mini Christmas trees to upgrade your porch this holiday season. You can decorate them with bulbs or keep it simple and go for just lights. Just be sure to pick outdoor-safe lights if you want to add that warm glow. Look for a three to four foot tree for the perfect size next to your front door.

07 Think Outside the Circle

Front door with Christmas tree wreath Who says wreaths must always be round? Instead, consider a wreath in a fun shape that strays a bit from the traditional. A Christmas-tree inspired wreath is a fun conversation starter. Other ideas include a star or a square to keep things a little interesting.

08 Throw in a Matching Rug

Front door with wreath Once you've picked a theme and color scheme for your wreath, consider weaving it throughout the front porch. Here, a wreath adorned with red and silver accents pairs wonderfully with the red plaid entryway rug. This is a great way to make your front door feel finished without a lot of elbow grease.

09 Say it Out Loud

Front door for Christmas We love non-traditional ways to decorate for the holiday season so we can't get enough of this modern porch. A simple minimalist wreath adorns the actual front door, but the white letters that spell out "fa la la" are a great extra touch to catch your neighbors eye when he's passing by.

10 Go for Nostalgia

Door with vintage santa hanging
We bet if you spent some time digging around your grandma's basement you're sure to find some old holiday decor that you can repurpose this year. This vintage plastic Santa is giving us major old school vibes and is perfect for adding a bit of color to a simple exterior.

11 Add a Bell

Door with simple decor for Christmas
There are many ways to spice up a wreath. Add a vintage-inspired bell to the center of your wreath for a lovely traditional look and feel. Plus, you get the added bonus of a little chime every time someone comes and goes from your home.

12 Keep the Door Naked

Lit trees on the porch
Who says you have to hang anything on your front door to decorate it? Instead, focus on the outline and decorate the space in front of your sidelights. A simple Christmas tree is a great option if you want to keep it traditional or you can DIY something a little out of the box such as stacked faux presents.
If you want to repeat this look every year, consider buying a faux Christmas tree you can reuse again and again.

13 Trim the Door

Christmas bulbs on the front door Add a load of glitz and glam to your front door with oversized garland covered in Christmas ornaments and a wreath with the same color scheme. Often called a "ball wreath," you can accent it with either traditional Christmas tree ornaments or go for bells to add a lovely chime when you open the door.

14 Pick a Single Color

Black door with red wreath There's something incredibly lovely and inviting about a simple holly wreath on the front door and a few evergreen accents sprinkled around. A faux holly wreath is a lovely choice to add a pop of color to a front door or exterior without a bold color scheme.

15 Add Some Humor

Front door with door mat A holiday-themed welcome mat is an easy way to decorate for the season this year. Consider being a little cheeky and opting for a message that will make your guests smile as they walk in to celebrate the season.

16 Stay Warm

Front door with simple garland Soft white lighting is by far one of the easiest ways to add warmth and a cozy feeling to basically any space in or out of your home. Decorate your door with Christmas trees and a wreath with strands of white lights. If your front door is covered, you can find battery-powered lights that work well for a wreath without an outlet.

17 Wrap the Door

Door with large red ribbonPractice your wrapping paper skills this season by starting with your front door. Wrap your door with a large bow in any color you like and finish the center with a few small bells or springs of evergreens.

18 Pick a Non-Traditional Color Scheme

Pink balloons on a door This asymmetrical oversized garland look is perfect for making a splash this holiday season. The pink and silver color scheme is also a great idea if you want a front door decor idea that will last through the New Year. Make it flashy with glittery bulbs and sparkling accents, but keep the rest of your porch subtle to allow the front door to really shine.

19 Spell It Out

Front door with garland This lovely modern farmhouse-inspired front door look is a great way to mix things up this holiday season. Instead of a wreath, opt for a Christmas-inspired sign to welcome your guests. Weave the look through your entire porch by sticking to a simple theme or color scheme.

20 Pick White Poinsettias

Front door with floral wreath Just because the weather is cold, doesn't mean it's not flower season. Consider a wreath decked with white poinsettias for a neutral holiday decor look that is warm and inviting. We also love the faux Christmas gifts to flank the door and decorate the rest of the space cheaply.

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