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I recommend this product

excellent customer service

Get this pillow. This is the one. I was comparing reviews for different pregnancy pillows because I wanted a memory foam pillow. This pillow is the one. It's like sleeping on a cloud. It's on the firmer end which is perfect. It will not go flat like the cotton ones. I have an other regular pillow from here too and this brand really really holds up. They make the most comfortable and breathable pillows. I tend to overheat and this pillow stayed cool and pleasant all night. Areas where the memory foam support really makes a difference are on the knees and around the back. Everything feels nice and firm (but not too firm) there so it's like being cradled to sleep. I still use a different pillow for my head because I wanted some extra firm support there.

I recommend this product

I am so incredibly happy with this pillow

I am so incredibly happy with this pillow. I was torn between this one and a larger pillow that is more of a "U" shape. I thought this one might be a little bit easier to get out of at night for bathroom breaks. As another reviewer mentioned, the pillow is not for someone who likes pillows you sink into. This one, although not as puffed up as the picture shows, it is on the firmer side which is exactly what I wanted. It provides great support and has helped me sleep more comfortably at night. My husband is so jealous haha.

I recommend this product

This pillow is truly amazing!

This pillow is truly amazing! I am now 6 months pregnant and I am finally able to have a good night sleep without having pain and problem pressure points on my hips/sides. I have always slept on my back or stomach but since being pregnant I have to sleep on my sides. This pillow stands up to its claim and is made very well. I really only need this pillow to sleep plus we have a queen size bed and my husband has plenty of room to sleep with his 5 pillows. It doesn't take up much room at all and is really soft, comfortable and has the perfect amount of support I need. Thank you for this product!!

Hannah A.
I recommend this product

Happy sleeper

I use it every night. It's so comfortable, it feels as if I'm being cradled. I wish it was fluffier/ thicker. I still have to use a pillow for my head bc other wise there would be no support for my neck. I do love this product tho.