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Great Pillow

Great Pillow, like it, got it within 3 days. Thanks

United States United States

The curve in the neck area is nice and does help for side sleeping

Has helped my sore neck a lot. The curve in the neck area is nice and does help for side sleeping. I wish I had pillow cases that fit it though


Side sleeper with shoulder pain

I have about 12 different specialty pillows to help me sleep without hip/neck/shoulder pain. This one is currently my favorite and seriously helping me sleep better than any other pillow has. Getting the weight of my head off my shoulder was key, so the height of this pillow is great. I wasn't sure at first, it was a awkward at first having my head so lifted but I got used to it with no added pain or complexities.

Wonder T.

The price vs. value for the pillow is well worth it.

The best thing about the pillow is the perfect height it provides to allow the neck and spine to align properly. The pillow also remains cool due to the vented nature of the foam. Additionally, for a foam pillow it is very lightweight, which makes it easy if you are a "pillow flipper" while still providing ample support. I have not found a negative or anything that I dislike about the pillow thus far. The only information of note is that if you have been sleeping on a taller pillow it may take you a week or so to adjust but once you do you will not regret the switch to this pillow.

Shawn C.

very cool