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£19.55 - £23.46
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Emitting Color: Remote Multicolor

The original lamp.Transform your room into a glowing paradise. Simply Plug & Project!

Sunsets are romantic, inspiring, and Instagram-able, yet most of us only make time for this special experience when we are on vacation and of course in a perfect spot. Good News! - you do not need to be in an exotic place to enjoy the calming, beautiful, and life-changing moments of sunset with our sunset Lamp.

Fully Adjustable 

Rotate the top of the lamp 90° forward or backward to create the ambiance you like. If you want to create a big aura, simply place the lamp further from the wall or ceiling and watch the sunset come to life and invade your home.


aw-dropping moments like breathtaking sunsets can make you feel like you have more time available and be more patientless materialistic, and increases your willingness in volunteerism.

Country: Ethically crafted in India.

Product Dimensions:
28x10cm or 11"x4" inch.

Shipping: 8-18 days
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About Product

Unique lighting fixture

It's not always easy to take selfies against the backdrop of the sunset in the natural world. Lamp with sunset projection will help to do it even at home. If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to be on the ocean shore to take beautiful pictures, you will help a unique lamp. The sunset projection lamp became actively used by bloggers, surprising their subscribers with amazingly spectacular photos. And it is clear to see that no software filters were used when taking pictures. The secret lies in the spatial diffusion of light through a special lens in the fixture. The device, perfectly, imitates a sunset. But that's not all.

Learn more about the invention

From the very first day of acquaintance with the new invention, the luminaire becomes a central object. Not for nothing, its practical application is not only for the individual use of dark areas of the room, but also to create a unique atmosphere in the bar, hotel rooms, individual rooms. The lamp fully justifies the investment in creating a truly romantic atmosphere, and the possibility of creating a lot of high-quality photos.

Enchanting sunsets and sunrises.

Not complicated, applications make it easy to get the results you want. It only takes a little time to study the instructions in the kit, and the practical skills of working with the device will be mastered perfectly! The lamp perfectly simulates beautiful sunsets and sunrises. The specially diffused light creates a beautiful backdrop. Without glare, wherever it is directed. Every accessory that enters the projection beams acquires an interesting structural design. The invention allows the ideal conditions to take extraordinary and enchanting photos that become an adornment of social networks and keep in memory the brightest moments in life.


The peculiarity of the sunset projection lamp is that the greater the distance, the greater the projection potential can be achieved. Thanks to the 180-degree rotation of the head, the user is able to set the most correct angle by coordinating the position of the light source forward and backward.

Why you should buy a sunset projection lamp

Wondering how to create a truly cozy and warm atmosphere in your home, a special lamp with sunset projection function will allow you to achieve absolutely perfect comfort. The glow created at the right moment becomes the perfect solution to create a mood and a touch of romance. Even the darkest room is very quickly filled with warm rays of sunlight, thereby creating a sense of missing warmth and coziness.

In its practical sense, the lamp with special interchangeable filters belongs to the class of LED lighting fixtures that fit perfectly into the interior of any living room and bedroom. If necessary, the lamp is able to act as the most reliable in the operation of props to recreate a competent and high-quality photo shoot.

The original night lamp

The accessory should be considered for purchase by those who lack the original nightlight lamp in their home or work environment. With the help of a new invention, it will be possible to maximize the home atmosphere of the space with a beautiful glow and a cozy atmosphere. The thing is not in vain finds its practical application in business, for example, to create an incredible beauty of the sunset in a restaurant, café, store, themed party. The accessory has been adopted by holiday event organizers, photographers and videographers. Everything is done to make any occasion even more attractive and meaningful. At the same time, the light can be used as a perfect design and design decoration for the living room, bedroom, children's room and backlighting of landscape structures in the yard.


An accessory specifically designed to give mood. Here's the Sunset projection lamp:

  1. With the original design, you will always be able to project a beautiful sunset or sunrise background on any wall with one move of your hand.
  2. The original configuration accessory is made from high quality materials, which is an absolute guarantee of long life of the equipment.
  3. It is probably the most fashionable and topical way to create a truly desirable photo shoot. After all, the glow creates fascinating shades on the skin and surrounding objects. Photos turn out really fantastic quality, and can decorate, as a home photo album, and pages of social networks.
  4. The variant of practical application of the lamp at home will allow recreating really romantic images. The atmosphere formed is truly unique! You should definitely feel it.
  5. The option of using the lamp as an ordinary lamp to create comfort in the house is most suitable. This is a great interior solution when you want to experiment. The accessory easily fits into any work and home space. And the ability to rotate the head 180 degrees allows you to expand the spatial possibilities of the lamp.
Asked Questions
  1. How many colors are included in one lamp? The sunset lamp includes all 16 colors.
  1. What country is the manufacturer of the lamp? The lamp is ethnically crafted in India.
  1. What are the dimensions? The product dimensions of the lamp: 28x10cm or 11" x 4" inch.