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Color: Pinstripe Fog

Plain or playful. Pops of color. Plaids, Windowpanes & Pinstripes. Your champagne and pajamas companion.

Material: 100% Merino Lambswool

Country: Woven in the United Kingdom.

Product Dimensions:
Dry Clean Only. Measures 54"x 72"

Shipping: 5-9 days
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An amazing find for those who love warmth and comfort!

A high-quality patterned throw from British merino wool can be a real find for all lovers of warmth and comfort. It not only warms well, but also can blend harmoniously into any interior, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Due to its unique aesthetic and practical properties, such products are highly valued all over the world.

Merino wool

For centuries wool has been the basis for clothing, rugs, blankets, comforters and other warm items. Because of its ability to retain heat well and absorb moisture, it was a reliable protection against all vagaries of the weather.

But merino wool has always had a special value, because previously only the most wealthy people could buy Merino lambswool, because it was produced only by a few farmers, who did not hurry to spread the unique breed of merino sheep around the world.

What is its peculiarity?

Merino lambswool retains all the best qualities of sheep wool. It:

- protects against the cold;

- prevents overheating;

- absorbs excess moisture (sweat);

- "breathes";

- easily takes the desired shape, does not hinder the movement;

- easy to wash;

- does not wear out for a long time.

In addition, the covering of merino wool contains substances that are detrimental to pathogenic bacteria. Due to this product, it retains its appearance, a pleasant smell and safety.

It is also worth noting the fact that merino wool yarn does not cause allergies. It can safely be used for children's products.

What is unique about merino wool throw?

With its hypoallergenic, safety and ability to keep warm, a merino wool plaid has properties such as:

- The ability to relieve stress. It is distinguished by its special softness and comfort, which are provided by the unique structure and fineness of merino wool fibers. Acting upon tactile receptors, this throw relaxes and relieves anxiety. Merino wool blanket will relieve stress, warm your body and soul!

- Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The therapeutic effect is provided by a special coating of wool - lanolin, which becomes active at body temperature and in close contact with the skin penetrates deep into the soft tissues, relieving inflammation and pain. Merino wool is rich in lanolin, due to which the product is used to treat osteochondrosis, sciatica, arthritis, colds and many other diseases.

- Normalization of blood pressure. Lanolin beneficial effect on the skin, stimulating blood circulation in it. By increasing blood flow to the periphery, normalize blood pressure. 

- Improvement of the skin and soft tissues. Happens due to the same action of lanolin.

It is not an exaggeration to say that to buy a merino woolen blanket means to make a significant contribution to the bank of your health. For many years this product will serve faithfully, helping to overcome various ailments.

High durability, tenderness and softness

The soft wool of merino sheep is highly resistant, soft and light. As a rule, very beautiful and practical things are made of this fiber - various articles of clothing, cozy throws and other household textiles. The natural material has excellent characteristics:

- the product is able to maintain the natural temperature, not allowing the body to overheat;

- Fibers do not absorb outside odors and moisture, repel dirt and rarely get dirty;

- It is believed that soft blankets can have a therapeutic effect on the human body: relieve symptoms of joint diseases, warm up during colds, lower blood pressure and help to improve sleep.

Asked Questions
  1. Can I know the delivery time for the throw? Delivery time depends on your region, on average it takes from 5 to 9 days.
  1. Is it handmade? Yes, our throws are woven exclusively by hand in the United Kingdom.
  1. Can they be ironed? Merino lambswool should not be ironed with an iron up close. Only steam and at a distance of 1-2 cm from the fabric. If there is still an urgent need for ironing, it should be done with the iron as unheated as possible. The temperature should be no more than 40-50 degrees (barely warm by tactile sensation), so as not to harm the fabric.