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This unique Oil and Vinegar Bubble Cruet is the height of contemporary style, It is separately in one vessel creating a visually striking object ready for your table. 

Designed by Scandinavian Designers, this elegant, curvy glass bottle will add a touch of style to your kitchen and will perfectly display and serve your favorite Olive Oil and Vinegar.

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Product Dimensions: 

Oz  Size of the Bottle
Big Ball Capacity
11.83 H4,53" * W3.94"
Small Ball Capacity


Shipping: 8-18 days
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About Product

The aesthetics of space design

Organization of space and storage in the kitchen is a useful thing in everyday life. It's one thing if the hostess (or owner) has a logical and tidy kitchen, but it's another thing if beauty is added to it. We are for the aesthetic design of the spaces in which we spend most of our lives. Scandinavian designers from Hygge Cave think the same way and create a lot of things that can besides their direct duties also decorate the house.

Hygge Cave is a series of design products specifically for those who appreciate all that is beautiful, spectacular and, of course, useful. The true hedonist does not need to explain how to live beautifully. Mutual understanding occurs at the level of the senses. "Oh, that's mine!" - says the hedonist and takes the beautiful thing.

What is the Oil and Vinegar bubble cruet

The jar is made of durable glass with reinforced characteristics. It is called borosilicate. This glass is used, among other things, to make utensils for use in open fires. In this case, we are not very interested in the fire resistance, but the chemical resistance is important - vinegar contains acids, so it requires a special approach to the container.

Two in one

This container is designed on the principle of 2 in 1: one large vessel has another smaller one. Visually it looks great - the large clear bubble has a smaller bubble in it. When both vessels are filled with different liquids, the 2-in-1 effect is impressive.

  • Big Ball Capacity- 11.83
  • Small Ball Capacity- 1.69

Innovative drip-free system

Despite the fact that both receptacles are combined into a single vessel, they are easy to use, independent of each other. The holes with spout are reversible, and each has a different spout with a different spout opening. It is narrowed so that it can be poured in a thin stream, dosing it as needed. It's called a drip-free system - no annoying drips or drips.


A glass cruet for vegetable oil will not react chemically with the constituents of the product. Thanks to this, the composition and freshness of the liquid will be preserved. Such glassware guarantees long-lasting freshness of the liquid, as well as keeping its attractive flavor for as long as possible. The clean stopper, which comes with the purchase of the oil bottle, does not let air in, so it prevents the oxidation process of organic substances.

The quality of our dishes:

  • High Scandinavia quality
  • Stylish drop-shaped decor element
  • Two liquids in one container
  • Preservation of useful properties for a long time
  • Saves space in the kitchen

Why us?

With the oil and vinegar bubble cruet, you can make your kitchen even more organized. So, you'll have all the liquids you need at your fingertips in one set. This way, you can quickly dress a salad or make a sauce without cluttering your work surface. Also, combination bottles of this type look very stylish. Because the oil and vinegar are different colors, the liquids contrast and create a pleasing effect to the eye.

Glass and natural cork will allow you to store products without loss of quality and useful properties for a long time.

Asked Questions
  1. How to wash this product? The bottle should be washed under hot water with detergent or in the dishwasher.
  1. Will the capacity fit a standard bottle of oil? Big ball capacity is 11.83 Oz, small ball capacity is 1,69 Oz.
  1. What is the width and height of the product? Height of the bubble cruet is 4,53, width- 3,94.