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Color: Cobblestone

Timeless, cozy, and sophisticated. Spoil your sofa...and yourself. 

  • Pre-Washed / Pre-Shrunk
  • Machine Wash Cold / Delicate Dry

High quality warm plaid is made of natural, environmentally friendly cashmere. Cashmere throw is decorated with fringe, luxurious design will fit in the interior and become a stylish decoration of your home. Place the rug on a sofa or a bed, take it with you to the cottage, or use as a blanket in a rocking chair.

Material: 100% Cashmere Throws 

Country: Woven in Italy.

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Shipping: 6-12 days
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About Product

Natural plaids

Although we always intuitively feel what we mean when we say "natural plaids", but, agree, this concept is very broad. And it can mean first the composition: from cotton to wool and cashmere, and sometimes even bamboo, and secondly the color - in the sense of natural, natural, natural.

Thus, natural plaids combine a truly huge number of plaids, each of which is natural wool, natural cotton, natural cashmere or natural bamboo.

Cashmere plaid is the best wool plaid!

Responsible and eco-friendly approach to home and closet design is one of the most global trends of recent years. Finally, the quality of products becomes more important than its quantity. Due to this, the demand for cashmere, a special kind of wool, also called "soft gold", is increasing.


Cashmere is the underfur of mountain goats of the Capra Hircus breed, which is native to the plateaus of Mongolia, China (Inner Mongolia region) and Tibet. Cashmere's share of the world's production of all other types of wool is no more than 0.5%, as these goats have a very limited habitat. This also explains the price of real cashmere. Cashmere is 8 times warmer than conventional wool, and it is much softer and more pleasant to the touch. Another important detail is that it is completely hypoallergenic.

Cashmere is the finest cashmere goat's feather, which is combed out by hand once a year in spring, when molting. The resulting fiber is very thin (almost three times thinner than human hair), light, unusually delicate to the touch, when dyed, it forms a luxurious, noble shade.

King among woolen fabrics

Each goat produces 100-200 grams of down, therefore cashmere fabrics are very expensive. But it is worth it, as cashmere is considered the "king" of woolen fabrics, just as silk is of vegetable fabrics.

A favorite of aristocrats

Cashmere was first introduced to Europe in the 18th century and delighted the French aristocracy. The Parisian aristocrats were particularly fond of cashmere shawls, which were weightless and kept them warm during their evening promenades.

Exquisite properties of cashmere

Cashmere thread is several times thinner than human hair, and these features are largely responsible for the incredible properties of this royal textile.

Purchasing our plaid, you also get a lot of useful advantages:

- Lightness and airiness. The finest fabric weighs only several grams. Cashmere shawl can be worn inside a wedding ring.

- The softness of cashmere is superior to silk. And it is not surprising, because its fibers are much thinner.

- The warming feature is due to the lowest thermal conductivity per unit weight.

- Yarn and fabric has unique healing properties. The dry heat of a cashmere sweater has a charitable effect on sore joints and spine. The animal wax-lanolin contained in the fibers makes the skin soft and supple. Cashmere fibers also have the property of micro-massage, they not only warm, but also soothe.

- Cashmere does not harbor dust mites, so the material does not cause allergies. Its durability and wear resistance is comparable to that of wool or silk.

- Cashmere rolls up in lint only in the places of contact and only after many years of constant wear.

How to care for a cashmere blanket

Caring for cashmere products is another constant question among connoisseurs of this elegant material.

The main secret - handwashing at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees. In extreme cases, you can use the mode of delicate washing, but it is necessary to put your rug in a special bag. Cashmere plaids can be dried on a horizontal surface. Also store in the closet only in a folded form, no hangers or clothespins.

An indispensable thing as a gift

A warm and beautiful rug is a universal gift for any holiday, at any time of year, for men and for women. It not only decorates the interior and adds coziness, but it is also a useful and functional thing. You can make a bed, couch or chair with it, take it with you on a picnic or put it on the floor for the children to play warmly. In a cozy woolen blanket you can wrap up in a cold winter evening, and a light, silky blanket to cover the summer instead of a blanket.

Asked Questions
  1. Can I iron such a throw? Cashmere should not be ironed with an iron up close. Only steam and at a distance of 1-2 cm from the fabric. If there is still an urgent need for ironing, it should be done with the iron as unheated as possible. The temperature should be no more than 40-50 degrees (barely warm by tactile sensation), so as not to harm the fabric.
  1. What country is the manufacturer of your plaid? Our plaid is handmade in Italy.
  1. Can it roll off over time? No, our throw is distinguished by its natural material and its durability. The product will not roll up over time, will not stretch and will not lose its qualities.