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Timeless herringbone design. Super soft luster of cashmere. Cozy comfort of merino wool. A chunky and cuddly classic.


Merino cashmere herringbone throw is a wool plaid that combines merino wool and soft, airy cashmere. Merino fleece plaids are very warm and comfortable. The addition of valuable, delicate cashmere goat down makes the Caliente a premium product.

Material: 95% Merino Wool / 5% Cashmere

Country: Woven in Ireland.

Product Dimensions:
Dry Clean Only. Measures 54"x 72"

Shipping: 5-9 days
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About Product

What is cashmere: its description and qualitative characteristics

Cashmere is not wool, but the down of mountain goats that live in India, Mongolia, Iran and China. In winter, the climate in these places can be very harsh. And goats grow a thick undercoat to protect themselves from frost. With the onset of heat, they moult. That's when the down is harvested. It is combed by hand, avoiding coarse hair from the top layer, and then washed thoroughly.

Cashmere items are extremely soft, delicate and pleasant to the touch. They barely roll up, do not stretch, and do not cause allergies. Cashmere barely absorbs odors, which provides a sense of freshness and comfort for a long time. In terms of softness, it can be compared to silk. 

What is merino wool

Merino wool is obtained from fine-wool merino sheep. These animals were originally bred in Spain and Portugal, and later in Australia and New Zealand. Merino wool has a number of undeniable advantages. It is much thinner than usual lambs' wool, but keeps warm very well. Very soft, it is not prickly at all, it is light and durable at the same time.

Merino wool is resistant to different types of dirt. It is enough just to shake off dirt from clothes, and it will not be absorbed. This wool can absorb up to one third of moisture of its volume. Thanks to this property, the human body stays dry and warm. Merino wool does not irritate the skin and has excellent antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is often used to create children's clothing.

What is the difference between cashmere and merino wool yarns?

Let's start with the main difference. Cashmere is down hand plucked from mountain goats. Merino is the wool of finely plucked sheep. Despite the similar appearance, the properties of goat and sheep wool differ significantly. Dyes fade on cashmere products, so real cashmere comes only in brown, gray and white tones. An item of bright coloring directly indicates that it contains a certain percentage of silk. But merino yarn can be dyed in any color. It is much more durable than cashmere - it can serve more than 10 years, and look as new. But cashmere clothes are several times warmer.

Merino cashmere herringbone throw

Our throw has the qualities of both! A plaid that combines merino wool and soft, airy cashmere. Merino fleece plaids are very warm and comfortable. The addition of valuable, gentle cashmere goat down makes the rug a premium product.

Care rules

Some types of dirt can easily be removed by dry cleaning. It is enough to shake it gently and go over it with a soft brush. If washing cannot be avoided, it is important to do it properly: first, you should carefully study the special label, where we have schematically displayed the main recommendations for the care of a particular product; delicate items are better washed in handwashing with special detergents; to preserve softness you can use conditioner; water temperature for washing should not be warmer than 30 degrees Celsius; not to rub the cloth strongly, so as not to destroy and deform the fabric.

Asked Questions
  1. What is the size of the throw? Measures of the throw: 54”x 72”

  2. Can I wash the throw? Dry-clean