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£196.30 - £235.57
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Color: Gold
Size: Small

We love sunny days in autumn, with warm-coloured sunlight reflecting off golden leaves. This is why we fell, head over heels, for table lamp Mai. When switched on, this beauty creates a sparkling light effect, like sunlight shining through a roof of autumn leaves. But Mai is also beautiful when switched off and has a distinct look reminiscent of a sculpture.

The lights come in two sizes: 

Small W55.1 * H11.8 in
Medium W11.0 * H15.8 in

Shipping: 8-18 days
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About Product

Unique lamp

Mai table lamp is an independent element of the interior, performing a specific role. The unique lamp immediately attracts attention with its unusual architecture, bold lines, original and harmonious combination of laconic lines and natural materials. Design lamp Hygge Cave creates a certain emotional mood, emphasize the atmosphere and colorism of the interior.

Art object

Among the great variety of designer lamps especially stand out the light art objects Hygge Cave. These unique models are handmade by experienced craftsmen and designers. Today, Hygge Cave lighting fixtures are the real standard of sculptural lighting with clean, concise lines. The peculiarity of designer luminaires for home by Hygge Cave is their functionality and versatility. They are perfect for a small cramped room or a spacious living room, bringing more space and comfort to the environment, immediately becoming the centerpiece that draws the eye.

What is a loft?

The interior of a modern room must have the appropriate lighting. All the stylizations of design used today, such as minimalism, high-tech and others, should be distinguished by an ultra-modern direction, to include interior elements that are able to emphasize a particular image as much as possible.

Loft has become incredibly popular in the last few years. City studio apartments are increasingly being furnished in this style, with furniture and accessories suitable for this industrial decoration.

However, the style itself appeared about 70 years ago in the United States. The population in large cities was growing, there was not enough housing for all citizens. In order not to be on the street, people began to convert the former warehouses, factories, workshops for homes. Thus appeared style loft - industrial-industrial interior for residential apartments. What used to be considered the destiny of the poor, is now considered a sign of good taste, many city dwellers are trying to arrange their house in accordance with the requirements of loft.

The Mai lighting feature

The advantage of lighting systems from Hygge Cave can be called the versatility of their creations. They fit perfectly into any interior and almost any style. Of course, given the specificity of the loft, room lighting also has its own characteristics. Table lamps in the industrial loft style so diverse that everyone will be able to pick up the design that he likes. There are several distinctive features of loft-style lamps:

- The main qualities of the lamp - minimalism and simplicity

- Warm sunlight

- Dispersed light

- Sparkling sunlight effect

- Eco-friendliness

Universal gift

An interior lamp is a luxurious gift for a girl or a man. If you do not know how to surprise your loved one, you will be saved by table lamp Mai. The lamp will fit perfectly in the bedroom decor, as a decoration of the living room, as a night light for the cottage. Table lamp Mai will create additional cozy light and beautifully stand on the bedside table in the bedroom.

Asked Questions
  1. Can a nightlight work while charging? Yes, our Mai table lamp works smoothly while charging.
  1. What are the dimensions of the lamp? The dimensions of our night light are:
  • Small: W55.1 * H11.8 in
  • Medium: W11.0 * H15.8 in
  1. How many days does ship take? It depends on your region, from 8 to 18 days.