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£28.53 - £77.43
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Emitting Color: White - With Wireless Charger

Magnetic Suspension Lamp: not only does this lamp defy gravity, but the LEDs in the bulb are also powered through wireless induction (no batteries needed). This kind of levitation uses a control system with an adjustable electromagnet in a feedback loop with Hall effect sensors, which allows for fine-tuning of the magnetic field to exactly balance the pull of gravity. If this lamp design is unplugged (or the power goes off) the bulb assembly does not fall but instead snaps onto the upper armature via strong permanent magnets embedded within. Amazing physics demonstrated by clever engineering! 

POWER FAILURE PROTECTION - If there is a sudden power failure, the bulb will suck up with the floating force instead of falling and breaking.

Product Dimensions: 14.6"H x 6.3"W
Voltage: 90-260V
Consumption: 1.44 kWh

As it's a handmade product, shipping time: 12-24 days
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About Product

love at first sight

There are a lot of different kinds of light fixtures on the lighting market these days. In stores, you can see all kinds of systems of this kind: large and small, expensive and not very expensive, creative and simple. But Magnetic suspension Lamp is something new and unique, fascinating at first sight.

An unusual switch

But the main thing is that this lamp is equipped with an unusual switch. In order to turn on the light, you need to connect two elements of the switch, made in the form of metal balls. As soon as these balls are next to each other, they hang in the air, and the lamp lights up. If you want to turn off the light, you just need to move the balls, and that's it - the lamp goes out.

With their project, the developers of the lamp, Hygge Cave, wanted to add comfort in homes and offices of users. In this case, Heng Balance Lamp can surprise colleagues, employees, friends and relatives.

The lamp can be used both at home and at work - it gives good light, plus it serves as a decoration of the desktop, bedside table and other items of use


With its modern, concise design, this lamp stands out from the other 10,000 lamps on the market and shows you its face. There is no traditional switch, switching on and off is controlled by an electromagnet hovering in the air. Thanks to the invisible LED bulbs, the Heng Balance Lamp shines brighter than its counterparts.

Safe for children and pet

Magnetic suspension Lamp does not overheat after extended use.

Powered by a USB cable, it works anywhere with your laptop or charger.

Great lighting

Our lamp has great bright light to help you create a cozy atmosphere when reading a book or meeting with your loved ones.

High quality

The surface of the lamp is very smooth, easy to clean and safe for your hands and skin.

The LED bulb hidden inside the lamp will last you for 20000 hours! So you don't have to worry about replacing the bulbs often.

Great decoration

Magnetic suspension Lamp -a luxurious decoration of your office, living room, bedroom, and other rooms, which will surprise you and your friends and relatives with its minimalist design and unique on and off! Once fully charged, you can move the magnetic lamp at will without the cable plugged in. Please note that when the indicator light is flashing, the table lamp should be recharged.

Perfect gift

Exquisite bedroom desk lamp can also be used as artworks and decorations. If you are looking for a unique gift for the one you love, this beautiful, unique lamp will be the perfect choice. It is the best gift choice for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year.

Asked Questions
  1. Is the only port on this a USB port? Yes, there is a USB-C port on the lamp.
  1. How long does it take to for it get fully charged? About 3 hours. When the light is fully charged, the red indicator will turn to white.
  1. What is the Service life? The life span of the LED beads is 20000 hours.