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Square Natural Gemstone Pendant Necklace

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Original price £31.29
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Design: Green Malachite

The Square Natural Gemstone Pendant Necklace embodies elegance and personal expression. Fashioned from stainless steel resistant to tarnishing and embellished with 18K gold plating, these necklaces promise both longevity and opulent aesthetics. Choose from four exquisite natural gemstones:

  • Green Malachite: Symbolizing harmony and spiritual evolution, this stone fosters equilibrium and tranquility in its wearer.
  • Black Onyx: Emblematic of strength and safeguarding, Onyx wards off negativity and instills resilience.
  • Shell: The shell pendant exudes timeless allure and connects you to the calming energies of the ocean, invoking serenity.
  • Mother of Pearl: Revered for its purity and delicacy, Mother of Pearl imparts an elegant and refined charm to the wearer.

Embrace the distinct virtues of each gemstone and enhance your style with these Square Natural Gemstone Pendant Necklaces, ideal for commemorating special moments and serving as enduring additions to your jewelry repertoire.

Made in the USA