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Since childhood, we know about the need to brush our teeth regularly, but sometimes there is simply no time and energy for proper dental care. If so, this electric toothbrush is the perfect solution. The high-frequency vibrations of the bristles of this brush will allow you to quickly and easily clean your teeth from plaque and food debris. This brush will be the perfect companion for any busy person.

Material: Plastic

Feature: IPX7 Waterproof

Shipping: 12-18 days
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About Product

Effective Teeth Cleaning

It can produce an order of magnitude better cleaning result, spending many times less effort. Unlike conventional brushes, this electric brush uses high frequency vibration to move the head to save you time and effort. In addition, it is able to easily completely clean the places of accumulation of plaque and hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, while not harming either the teeth or gums.

Powerful Engine

It is equipped with a high speed vibrating motor of 16500 rpm for effective cleaning of the oral cavity. Despite using a powerful motor, the T100 keeps the noise level within 60 dB for your comfort.

Deep Cleansing

The vibrating head of the brush literally rubs toothpaste into the gaps between the teeth, deeply cleansing the oral cavity even from stagnant dirt. The high density and special shape of the bristles allow for effective cleaning without damaging the tooth enamel.

Universal System

The brush has 2 cleaning modes. At the first press, it starts working in the standard mode, the strength of which is enough to fight even with a touch of coffee and tea. The second press turns on the soft brushing mode, which is sure to appeal to owners of sensitive teeth and novice users. Thus, each user will be able to find a suitable mode and cleaning method for themselves.

Smart Operation

The Toothbrush T100 has a smart feature that pauses vibration every 30 seconds to let you know when it's time to move on to the next area, and automatically shuts off after two minutes. What's more, the brush motor gradually picks up speed within 3 seconds of starting, without creating unnecessary splashes or throwing off the paste from the brush. Taking care of each tooth contributes to the health of the entire oral cavity.

Water Protection

The brush is made from quality materials for comfort and durability. The brush body has a water resistance rating of IXP7. This means that it can withstand immersion in water up to one meter deep without any damage. Therefore, even when in contact with water, your electric toothbrush will work like new.


Battery life is very important for electric toothbrushes, especially for people who travel a lot. This one is impressive in this regard - after all, it can be charged using the most common USB cable. A full charge in 4 hours is enough for a whole month of dental care, so you can safely take it even on vacation or a business trip.