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Natural stones are inimitable, unique, beautiful and possess powerful natural energy. Thanks to their magical and healing properties, semi-precious stones have been used by people since ancient times in magical rituals, healing, as amulets, amulets, amulets and, of course, as beautiful original jewelry.

Natural stones contain a huge reserve of natural energy, which has been concentrated in the crystal for thousands, millions and even billions of years. Created by different forces and elements, natural minerals are able to give the accumulated energy to the person with whom they interact.

The effectiveness of natural stones has been known to mankind since ancient times, and today what was considered an ancient superstition is increasingly being confirmed by scientific research.

Lunar Vines presents to you its bottles with natural stones inside. Such props will serve you as a decoration for your space, a gift for your loved ones and your personal rescuer from negative energy.

The assortment includes such stones, each of which has a different property:
- Natural Orange Salt
- Natural Fluorite
- Natural Pink Quartz
- Natural Red Jasper
- Natural Amethysts
- White Natural Turquoises
- Natural Epidote, and many others. 

How do stones and minerals work?

The principle of work of stones and minerals, their influence on human life cannot be compared with the impact of a "magic wand". The impact of the mineral on the owner is realized through energy exchange:

the stone gives the person a charge of the accumulated energy of nature;
the mineral takes away the negative energy accumulated by the owner;
gem absorbs negativity directed at the owner, acting as an energy shield;
crystal acts as a concentrator of human mental energy, amplifying and directing it to realize the goals and desires of the owner.

The mechanism of "work" of natural semi-precious stones and the manifestation of their magical and healing properties has not yet been studied in detail. When interacting with natural minerals, esotericists, lithotherapists, adepts of magical arts and ordinary people are guided by the accumulated experience of previous generations, and sometimes by their own intuition.

Clean the mineral from foreign energy

After purchasing a piece of jewelry with a natural gem, the first thing to do is to clean the crystal from extraneous energy. The cleaning procedure should be carried out for any "newcomer" in the collection of minerals - regardless of whether it was inherited or given as a gift, bought in a store or ordered online.

For each mineral there is an optimal cleaning method - it should effectively remove accumulated negativity from the gem without destroying the crystal itself or affecting its beauty. The main ways of cleaning:

Water. The most popular and simple way to clean the mineral from excess energy is to wash it under a stream of cool running water for a few minutes. You can also use consecrated water. After water purification wipe the crystal should not be wiped, the jewelry should dry itself in the open air. Water cleaning does not suit mother-of-pearl, selenite, malachite, fluorite.

Sea salt. The plus of salt cleaning is that it eliminates not only magical, but also ordinary contaminants. It is possible to carry out wet cleaning:

- dissolve the salt in warm water;
- leave the jewelry in the salt solution overnight;
- rinse under running water and let dry.
There is also a method of dry cleaning - the product is placed in a container and completely covered with salt for 10-12 hours. It is not recommended to clean with salt fluorite, onyx, amber, pyrite, turquoise, lapis lazuli.

Ultraviolet. Cleaning by sunlight is useful for stones of warm colors - orange, red, yellow. The product is washed and left in a well-lighted place for a period of 2-3 hours to several days.

Moonlight. Cleansing is carried out on the waning Moon in good weather. The jewelry is left under the influence of moonlight for one or several nights. If the magical negativity seems very strong, you can combine lunar purification with salt.

It is recommended to get a whole collection of natural stones - in the form of jewelry to carry with you, decorative items to harmonize the space at home or in the office and in the form of balls, druse, crystals for meditation. In this case, the magic of nature, contained in natural gems, will constantly help a person and support him in any life situations.


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