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Hello dear friends, already in September a new brand of incredible jewelry from Lunar Vines will open its doors to our world. We are happy to introduce you to this brand and give you the opportunity to improve your life with it! You ask how can I change my life with jewelry? Read this article and you will find the answer to this question.

In the world of jewelry art there are many ornaments of different style and aesthetics, but the most valuable are those that carry the author's design, individuality of their creators.

Who are we?

Traveling around the world, visiting many countries (such as India, China, Cambodia, Thailand, etc.) and exploring the mysteries of ancient cultures, our team has been filled with an incredibly large baggage of useful knowledge for mankind. Our brand is based on the teachings of the unity formula that unites mind, body, spirit and is the first brand to make spiritual jewelry. Taking nature as our main mentor and inspired by its energy, we create unique pieces that epitomize the harmony between mind, body and spirit. Did you know that natural stones and minerals can help activate your energy centers that will change your life for the better? It really does!!! To help change the lives of most people, to become the author of their lives, to find a connection with nature and to be a whole person, we created the Lunar Vines brand.

Our brand is created for people who take a conscious approach to their lives, strive to act for the benefit of themselves and others, develop in all directions and simply enjoy the moment!

It is not about fashion and fun. It's about jewelry with meaning.

That's why in our arsenal you will find:
- symbolic jewelry that can emphasize the authenticity of your own style and its resonance with your inner world;
- jewelry with engraving, can be a great motivational or inspirational gift, reminding of something important every time a person wears the jewelry;
- jewelry with ancient and spiritual symbols, which will be a real support for a person;
- jewelry with symbols of love;
- stones and crystals that will bring the missing vital forces and help to harmonize your chakras.

Our jewelry is not just beautiful, but will connect emotionally, psychologically and spiritually with the person who wears it. Through it, you will show the world:

1. Your temperament and character
2. The level of protection from energy attacks (talismans, amulets)
3. Your sensuality, sexual energy and tone
4. How important to you is the attention of the opposite sex
5. How available and open you are
6. Taste
7. Success in your personal life and career
8. Belonging to any subculture
9. Psychological state at the moment

We hope you are looking forward to our discovery as much as we are. In the meantime, you have time to think about what stone, color or shape you want for yourself. See you soon!


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