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Home Decoration Tips for Styling Your Home Like a Pro


Getting your home design just right may be a difficult chore, especially since trends seem to change so frequently! Interior design is the science of interpreting human behavior to create interior and exterior spaces within a structure. However, interior design is the act of infusing life and beauty into a room.

One can be clinical, while the other is full of emotion and a human tale and taking on any interior-decorating endeavor might be intimidating.

However, breaking down such a massive undertaking into manageable chunks, no matter how numerous, is the only way to tackle it. Only then will we be able to gradually deconstruct the process and articulate all of our choices.

Research Is Essential

Discover your own style, niche, and appearance. Isn't it true that it's easier to say than to do? Look around you, flip through publications, collect Pins, create boards, and 'like' posts to notice trends in what you're saving. Make a vision board with all of your favorite images and stuff, and you'll see those certain styles and looks emerge.

Taking it a step further, you can create a style around your current property. A seaside and beach-styled lodge in the highlands, for example, would seem ridiculous. Build the palette of style, color, and life you desire using what you love and the home you have (as well as where you reside).

Allow plenty of time to polish your taste, especially if you and your boyfriend, husband, wife, or bestie are at odds.

Kick Off with a Brief

It's one thing to wish to follow a particular style or trend, but it's quite another to actually do so. It's best to make a brief (one for each space) or a list of requirements for each room.

This will undoubtedly alter with time – think bachelor pad vs. young family – so take advantage of the chance to reinvent yourself. Make a list of what you require and desire from a space, then begin to cross off answers.

As an example, consider your dining room. What are you looking for? There's a table for six people, easy-to-clean floors, and chairs, lots of task lighting, and a spot to put all the bills. What are your requirements for a dining room? Softness, flashes of color, lots of greenery, natural light, and a sense of harmony with the kitchen.

It can't all be done with a click of a button and living in a room for at least a few months is usually the best way to figure out what you want from it.

Begin From the Very Top

Ceilings and lighting, when done correctly, may transform a room. A delicate white ceiling with abundant of reflected light can create an ethereal atmosphere, but a dark grey ceiling with muted warm light can provide a sense of cosines and comfort. Color and light have such a powerful impact on a room that they set the tone for everything that follows.
Having a single sort of lighting would be impossible on its own, which is why a well-curated group can truly shine.
There should be three sorts of lighting in a space: task, accent, and general (albeit we can't always get it right). You'll want to overlay these three (or two if we're being frugal) to give a room charm and character.

For example, in a kitchen, task lighting immediately over a benchtop, a killer (albeit not really practical) pendant lamp over the table for a bit of accent lighting, and a broad wash of downlights to gently lighten the entire room are all possibilities.

Having a single sort of lighting would be impossible on its own, which is why a well-curated group can truly shine.

You Need To Go With The Flow

In terms of decorating, furniture selection is crucial. It's often the most expensive item within the house, because it determines how a space is orientated and laid out.

Keep this in mind as you select your pieces, since you want the space to flow and move for those who utilize it.

Allow users to use the corridors within rooms. In addition, avoid overcrowding your space with large things. You'll have a more attractive home if you give yourself and your furniture room to breathe.

Give Your Old Accessories a New Life

Give a lamp base, vase, or other item with a great shape but a dull color a new lease on life by painting it. Any piece of furniture or decor item can be dramatically transformed with a new coat of paint or a different color, rekindling your affection for it. Are there any leftover paint or spray paint in your garage or craft closet? It's the ideal opportunity to show off your skills!

Art Is The King

A room without art is a blank canvas, but it doesn't have to cost you a generation's worth of heirlooms. A simple print or two, or a large canvas with some color, may make a room ‘smile.' Many individuals put time and money into good framing and using the right scale in their rooms. A large poster on a large wall, as well as a collection of smaller pieces in a smaller space, work nicely together.

Change the Cushions Around

Start by browsing for a new couch if you want to restyle your bed. Sure, you bought that blue ombre pillow for your sofa, but think about whether it will complement your bedroom's color scheme as well. Do you have any spare throw pillow covers stored away in your linen closet?
Are they ideal for your sofa, seat, or kitchen banquette? Swapping pillows from room to room is a simple and inexpensive way to add new textures, patterns, and vibrant colors to your house
Are they ideal for your sofa, seat, or kitchen banquette? Swapping pillows from room to room is a simple and inexpensive way to add new textures, patterns, and vibrant colors to your house.

If You Get Stuck, Apply Decor Rules

To establish cohesiveness, most designers and decorators employ formulas or rules. There's a method to our madness because we're not all talented painters.

Balance, gradation, contrast, repetition, harmony, and unity are all governed by the laws, which we apply to the elements inside a house.

Applying them to your home's elements (such as color, texture, tone, and size) will help you design rooms fit for a magazine cover.


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