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Decorating with vintage and antique furniture can add uniqueness and charm to your home. We have collected the best tips and advice for you. Let's familiarize ourselves with them!

1. Don't be afraid to combine vintage and antique furniture with modern pieces

This creates an eclectic and visually interesting look. Balance the old and new by placing them together in a room. For example, pair a vintage sofa with a modern piece of art or place antique chairs around a modern dining table.

2. Highlight the most interesting vintage or antique pieces of furniture in your room

Such pieces can become the center of attention in a room. For example, you can use an antique dresser as a dressing table in the bathroom or place a vintage dining table in the center of the dining room.

3. Vintage and antique furniture comes in different styles and eras, such as Victorian, Art Deco, and mid-century modern

Choose pieces that complement the overall decorating style or create a deliberate contrast for added visual interest.

4. Vintage and antique furniture often needs to be restored or refinished

Repair any damage, refinish the wood or upholster with fabric if necessary. Don't overdo it, however, as some imperfections can add character and authenticity to the piece.

5. Vintage and antique furniture can have unique colors and textures

Use this to your advantage by combining them with complementary colors and fabrics. For example, combine a vintage chair with velvet upholstery with a modern metal side table.

6. Create vintage and antique items as vignettes

Combine them with decorative accessories such as vintage books, vases or artwork. These small compositions can emphasize the overall aesthetic and tell a story.

7. Vintage light fixtures can instantly add character to a room

Look for vintage chandeliers, sconces or table lamps that match the style of your furniture. Have the wiring professionally rewired to ensure safety.


8.Vintage and antique furniture may differ in size and scale from modern pieces

Pay attention to the proportions of the room and make sure the furniture fits harmoniously. Balance larger pieces with smaller accents to create a cohesive look.

9. Store at thrift stores and flea markets

To find unique vintage and antique furniture, visit thrift stores, flea markets and estate sales. These places often have hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Be prepared to do some searching.

10. Don't overwhelm the space

Vintage and antique furniture tends to have its own character. Don't clutter the space with too many items, as this can give the impression of clutter. Allow each piece to shine by giving it plenty of room to breathe.

Remember, decorating with vintage and antique furniture is about self-expression and creating a space that reflects your style and taste. Have fun exploring different pieces and experiment with different arrangements to create a unique and inviting atmosphere.



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