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Many people associate autumn with the smells of seasonal fruits and vegetables, dried leaves, rain, fragrant cocoa, chocolate, spices and spices. You want to raise your mood, again and again feeling these aromas. Modern interior perfumery gives you this opportunity - you just need to choose the most delicious and symbolic for you smells. We decided to help you in this and prepared a selection of top 5 autumn fragrance compositions.

1. Selecting the source of the aroma

In order for a pleasant aroma to settle in the rooms for a long time, it is necessary to use a special perfumery for the interior.
For example:

- Interior perfumes
- Aromatic diffusers
- Scented candles

The longest-lasting option is diffusers. They come in many varieties, but many people prefer glass flasks with liquid where wooden sticks are inserted. The wood becomes saturated with the aroma and begins to spread it throughout the room.

A quality diffuser of large volume can serve up to six months. The economy of consumption is one of the main arguments for this type of interior perfumery.
If the fragrance is needed in the moment, for example, to create a romantic atmosphere, you can use candles. They exude a rich, bright odor, which settles in the rooms for several hours. And the pleasant aftertaste remains for a long time.

2.Decide on a fragrance

Everyone has their own fall scent, so there is no universal interior perfume. But there are win-win options, which we'll discuss now.

Woody fragrances
Fragrances from this category are very versatile. Sometimes they are felt slightly audible, sometimes - sound loud and bright. In this matter, everything depends on the type of interior perfume and the secondary notes of the composition.

One of the top fragrances is wood and tonka bean. This bold, stylish and at the same time warm smell is ideal for "brutal" interiors in loft, high-tech, minimalist styles. A softer variation of the woody aroma is achieved in combination with vanilla. The result is a subtle spicy odor, which due to its unobtrusive sound will be appropriate in any room of the house.

Apple flavors
Autumn is firmly associated with apples, so the scent of this fruit will be quite appropriate for the season. Interior perfume designers like to combine fruit scents with fragrant spices.

Oxygenic fragrances
Light and airy, almost weightless, oxygen scents are associated with rain and cool fall winds. It's your go-to if you're drawn to muted, fresh scents.

Citrus scents
Citrus scents are more typical of the winter season, but they will also fit in with the understated charm of fall. Look for bold, unusual combinations.

Another trend for the fall season is the grapefruit scent. Despite the fact that there is only one key component in interior perfumes, the scent doesn't sound flat at all. You can buy it in both spray and diffuser formats. This awakening, invigorating scent is suitable for any room, including the home office.

Interior fragrance for gourmets - a composition of lemon, tangerine and neroli. This is a specific fragrance that is more often found in offices. If you like bitter notes of neroli combined with the bright smell of mandarins, you can use such a perfume for the bathroom or living room.

The flavors of forest berries, cherries, juicy strawberries are also very popular. They are also not too autumnal, but so bright, exhilarating and universal. These smells are appropriate in any room of the house.

When looking for a fragrance for the house, focus not only on personal preferences, but also on the "loudness" of the smell, the organic composition, the quality of the perfume. If you want to test and feel the notes, choose aromatic candles, which do not smell as bright as sprays and diffusers, but perfectly transmit the sound.


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