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Style: Hammer Pattern

These will be your go-to glasses for serving any beverage for whiskey, bourbon, scotch, from cocktails to wine, juice, and water in absolute modern style.

A thick base adds stability and keeps the glasses from shattering, while a cylindrical shape is designed for a comfortable grasp and easy use.

Perfect gift set for whiskey drinkers, cocktail lovers, holiday, birthday, wedding, housewarming, or even a Father's Day.

Product Dimensions: 
Capacity: 160ml or 5.4 Oz

Whiskey Glasses Cup,Rotating Whiskey Gifts for Men Scotch Lovers,Style Glassware for Bourbon Rocks Cocktail ScotchRum Glasses

Country: Handmade in China

Shipping: 8-18 days
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About Product

Rotating glass In unusual shapes

 Our glass is an unusual addition to the drinking of spirits. It is comfortable to hold in your hand, holds the required amount of whiskey, easy to clean and looks quite stylish. The glass is made of high quality crystal, packed in a minimalistic box. The main secret of the Stokes glass is its ability to rotate. The sight is truly mesmerizing. Aesthetic and gustatory pleasure is guaranteed. Choosing what to add to your personal collection of barware, pay attention to the rotating glass Stokes.

A true gourmet delight

Holding the glass in your hand, inhaling the aroma of the drink, admiring its color, the game of light on the walls of the glass - this is a real treat for a gourmet. Who hasn't "twirled" a drink in a glass while savoring it? But an ordinary glass is not made to be twirled. But a rotating Shtox glass with a special bottom - a patented development of a Russian inventor - can spin on the table for a long time. The glitter of crystal, fascinating movement of spirals on the walls of the glass make the drink even more intoxicating, make it sparkle and exude a flavor pleasing to the soul.

Why is it spinning?

The shape of the bottom of the glass is designed and manufactured in such a way that it can rotate on any hard, even surface. The idea of such design is protected by an international invention patent.

The bottom of each glass is hand sanded during production to achieve the desired result.

Add happy emotions to your life!

As the glasses rotate, the mysterious movements of the decor lines create enchanting visual effects reminiscent of the magic of flowing water, the dance of tongues of burning flame, the twinkling of stars in the night sky...

Rotating your drink, you can admire the sparkling glare, and the pleasant aroma in the glass, as special as your drink.

Where are the spinning glasses used the most?

- In various entertainment venues. Bars, restaurants, cafes often buy dishes of the brand.

- As a gift. A glass for whiskey and brandy, which has a thoughtful design and excellent appearance, is an excellent gift for your other half, friend, colleague or relative.

- Personal use. Very many people like to have a get-together with friends. Of course, such events rarely go without a strong whiskey or brandy. Hygge Cave is the best product for such pastime.

- Their use as a piece of decor. Strangely enough, products under the brand Hygge Cave buy even those who do not like neither whiskey nor brandy. This is due to the fact that the products have an original design and are suitable for decorating the kitchen or living room.

What is it made of?

The high quality crystal of which the glasses in our store are made, gives them an exceptional elegance and aristocratism.

Proper care

Swirling and dancing drinking vessels, whether it is a whiskey or swirling glass, are usually made of crystallite. This material is more fragile than standard glass and requires special care.

Crystallite dishes are best washed with warm water and laundry soap or baby soap. It does not tolerate sharp temperature changes - boiling water and ice water. After washing, the surface of glasses, shot glasses and glasses should be carefully wiped dry to prevent other defects.

Ideal as a gift for your loved ones

ROTATING WHISKEY GLASSES is an excellent gift for any man: friend, husband, father, colleague, because it carries the energy of movement and warmth of hands of experienced masters of the oldest crystal manufactures in China.

This is quite an expensive gift to express respect to the recipient, but quite affordable


Asked Questions
  1. What is the capacity of this whiskey glasses? The capacity of these glasses is 160ml or 5.4 Oz.
  1. What kind of drinks are these glasses good for? These will be your go-to glasses for serving any beverage for whiskey, bourbon, scotch, from cocktails to wine, juice and water in absolute modern style.
  1. In what country were these glasses produced? The glasses were handmade in China.